Super Policy Forum

Calculators – Sydney – Melbourne

The Institute's Benefit Projections Working Group released a Discussion Paper "Outstanding Issues for Benefit Projections and Online Calculators". The Discussion Paper identified a number of current issues for superannuation benefit projections and calculators and provides some recommendations.

Presenters from the Institute's Benefit Projections Working Group included Darren Wickham (Chair), Bill Buttler, Colin Grenfall and Ray Stevens.

Sydney, Tuesday 8 April 2008

Panel Discussion
The Working Group provided an overview of the Discussion Paper, followed by a Panel Discussion with representatives from ASFA, IFSA and ASIC.

Melbourne, Thursday 10 April 2008

Panel Discussion
The Working Group provided an overview of the Discussion Paper, followed by a Panel Discussion with representatives from AIST and Industry Super Network.
Presentation Paper Audio

Super Policy Forum – Canberra, Wednesday 25 June 2008


Greg Martin, Institute President

Opening Address

Senator Nick Sherry
Minister for Superannuation and Corporate Law

Which Groups of Australian's Can Expect Less Than Adequate Retirement Income After 2020
Phil Gallagher

Panel Discussion
Doug Ross
Ross Clare
Peter Martin

What Policy Options Should be Considered to Improve Adequacy?
Andrew Boal, Cathy Nance, David Knox, Steve Shubert

Industry Views:
Andrew Barr, AIST
Daniel Caruso, IFSA Presentation
Andrea Du Slattery, SPAA Presentation

Regulators' Views:
Steve Davies, APRA
Louise Du Per-Alba, ASIC Presentation

Panel Discussion

Consumer Empowerment – Will it Work or Should We Focus on Protection Through Improvement of Default Choices?
Chair – Bozenna Hinton
Lind Elkins
Dr Nic Coates
Elissa Freeman

Closing Remarks

John Maroney, Institute CEO

The Age Pension – Sydney, Monday 11 August 2008

Reforming Social Security – A Global Challenge
Chris Daykin

The Age Pension and It's Effect on Our Community
David Knox

The Age Pension and Retirement Income Reform
Cathy Nance

Pension Reform – Sydney, Wednesday 24 September 2008 / Melbourne, Thursday 25 September 2008

The 2002 Intergenerational Report forecast that, as a result of the ageing population, the cost of the Age Pension would increase from 2.9% to 4.4% of GDP over the next 40 years. A similar prediction was made in the 2007 update. No major Government Review of the Age Pension has been undertaken for many years. From time to time, issues are raised in the press – in particular, the existence of poverty among some pensioner groups. There are many anomalies in the system.

The paper,"New Ideas for Pension Age Reform" considered the purpose of the Age Pension and principles which may be appropriate for its payment in 2008 and in the future, including its interaction with the compulsory superannuation system.

The focus of these meetings was a wide ranging discussion under the paper's major headings, with a five-minute presentation preceding each discussion section, which left most of the time for input and questions from those attending.

Presentation Paper Audio