Why become an actuary?

Be at the nexus of results, recognition, and reward. Shape tomorrow's world with the profound influence of your insights. The future beckons; will you answer the call?

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A career for results, recognition and reward 

Embarking on an actuarial journey is a decision to champion excellence. As an actuary, you become a beacon of precision, delivering results that drive industries forward and safeguard communities. In this esteemed profession, your impact doesn't go unnoticed; you are recognised by industry and government leaders for your unparalleled expertise in navigating complexities. And with such expertise comes great reward — not just in competitive remuneration, but in the legacy you craft.


Use data for good

Help build a better future in climate,
health, superannuation and so many other areas.

Go global

After being qualified, you benefit from
mutual recognition of your qualification.

Become a leader

Actuaries are involved in the function
and success of every industry, sector
and major business.


Make history

Actuaries belong to one of the world's oldest professions, with beginnings of modern actuarial science traced to the mid-17th century.

Be in demand

Join 5,500 Members at the Institute,
and rapidly growing in the age of data.

Get rewarded

Actuaries receive an average
salary of $150,000 to $300,000+.

As an actuary, your future is unlimited

Unlock a foundation for growth in your career.

Nancy Cece

Completing my qualification with the Actuaries Institute has provided me with a solid foundation for growth in my actuarial career. The Fellowship Program in particular felt very practical for work I've been involved in within the industry. It instils a perspective that communication skills as an actuary is pivotal in allowing those we advise to make well informed decisions. The education style also focuses on developing the skills required to approach realistic problems with breadth in order to determine the key matters to consider.

— Nancy Cece - Consultant, KPMG, FIAA

Start your education journey

Mastering data can take you anywhere


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The actuarial canvas is vast and diverse, promising not just a career, but an expedition that knows no bounds. Where will the career take you?

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Actuaries play a crucial role in every sector, industry and core business domain, casting influence that is both profound and expansive. Where will you leave your mark?

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