General Insurance Seminar

Sunday 9 November 2003

Welcome Reception and Dinner

Monday 10 November 2003


Blair Nicolls

Plenary 1

State of the Industry Report
Colin Brigstock

Plenary 2

Developments in International Accounting Standards
Lisa Simpson

Plenary 3

The Insurance Industry and the ACCC
Jenneifer McNeil

Plenary 4

Panel Discussion

The Role of the Approved Actuary

Plenary 5

An Analyst's View of the Listed Sector – Current Conditions, Outlook, Valuation and Information Disclosure
Nigel Pittaway

Plenary 6

APRA – Current Development
Steve Somogyi, Nigel Boik
Presentation Paper

Plenary 7

Discussion on Financial Condition Report
Financial Condition Report Taskforce

Concurrent 1

Practical Consideration in Valuing Premium Liabilities
Presentation Paper

Capital Adequacy and Dependence
Presentation Paper

Seminar Dinner at National Museum of Australia

Tuesday 11 November 2003

Concurrent 2

Terrorism Catastrophe Models

Quasi-Cyclic Risks
Presentation Paper

Concurrent 3

Trends in Large Personal Injury Awards

A Survey of Personal Lines Pricing in Australia and The United Kingdom

Concurrent 4

Liability Coverage – Whither Claims Made?
Paper Paper

Claim Segmentation Valuation and Operational Monitoring for Workers Compensation
Presentation Paper

Concurrent 5

Determining General Insurance Insurance Profit Margins
Presentation Paper

Using Non-Parametric Techniques to Understand Your Data

Concurrent 6

Superimposed Inflation – Are We Any the Wiser?

The Myth of the Discounted Cash Flow – How Uncertainty Affects Liabilities

Plenary 8

Liability Underwriters

Gala Dinner at Australian Institute of Sport

Wednesday 12 November 2003

Concurrent 7

Third Party Distribution Delivery and Service Strategies
Presentation Paper

Claims Simulations and Liability Estimation Methods
Presentation Paper

Plenary 9

Climate Science
Dr Graeme Peaman

Concurrent 8

General Insurance and Reinsurance Run-Off

Fair Value of Liabilities – How do we Define the "Closest" Asset Match?
Presentation Paper

Plenary 10

Calculations of Risk Margins
Andrew Houltram

Risk Margin and Liability Valuation Uncertainty
Tim Pitt, Scott Collings

Closing Remarks

Chris Lewis