The Fellowship Program – becoming a leader in your field

The Fellowship Program builds on the Foundation and Actuary Programs and teaches actuaries to apply their skills in specialist areas of practice. As the third stage of the overall Education program it is the part of your training that positions you to become an expert and a leader in your chosen field. 

The Fellowship Program comprises three half-year modules. You can choose from 11 subject options within three modules depending on where you want to specialise.

Becoming a Fellow

To achieve the designation of Fellow, you must:

  • Achieve the Associate designation (pass the Foundation and Actuary programs).
  • Pass each of the three Fellowship modules.
  • Do a further year of supervised work experience.

All subjects are online and are taught and assessed by the Actuaries Institute.

What you need to know and do

You will need to keep track of dates for enrolment, exams and results.

More detail on the key elements of the Fellowship Program below.


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