Disciplinary Scheme

The actuarial profession in Australia is committed to establishing and maintaining strict professional and ethical standards both for the protection of the public and the reputation of the actuarial profession. We do this by providing quality practice guidance and maintaining and enforcing strict professional standards.

One of the privileges and responsibilities afforded to the actuarial profession is that of self-regulation, which is managed under the Institute's Disciplinary Scheme.

The Disciplinary Scheme is independent of the Council and the Executive of the Actuaries Institute.

Any person (whether a member or non-member) may lodge a complaint against a member of the actuarial profession. The Making a Complaint web page provides an overview of how a person may make a complaint against a member. If a complaint is made, the Disciplinary Scheme then operates in four stages – Complaint Stage, Investigation Stage, Determination Stage and Appeal Stage. These stages are described within the Disciplinary Scheme Rules and procedures.

The Disciplinary Scheme is reviewed on a regular basis and the current Disciplinary Scheme applies to conduct on or after 9 August 2018.  The current version, and associated materials, can be viewed via the links below.

Any person considering lodging a complaint against a member of the actuarial profession is invited to visit the 'Making a Complaint' web page which provides further assistance on how to make a complaint or to make an inquiry about lodging a potential complaint.

If you wish to seek such assistance, you may also contact the Actuaries Institute in the first instance either via email disciplinaryscheme@actuaries.asn.au or by mail sent to:

Actuaries Institute
Level 2
50 Carrington Street
Sydney NSW 2000