Professionalism eLearning Course

This subject has been developed as an e-learning CPD course for actuaries who are new to the Australian profession or who are seeking to update their knowledge of the profession's code of conduct and current thinking on professionalism and ethical thinking. 

The content is based on part of the pre-qualification subject which all actuaries of the Actuaries Institute must pass, Communication, Modelling and Professionalism (CMP).

Who should enrol?

The course is suitable for members who would like to refresh on the Institute’s Code of Conduct or for those who have a general interest in completing a short CPD eLearning course.

The course may be used as a professionalism course for Accredited members, typically actuaries of overseas professional bodies, who wish to become Accredited members with the Actuaries Institute.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine the role of professionalism and ethics in actuarial work
  • Examine the six key principles of the Actuaries Institutes’ Code of Conduct
  • Understand the role of the Actuaries Institute


The course fee is AUD $300.00 plus GST.

The course utilises the Institute's Learning Management System, making the course highly accessible. Participants can enrol in the course at any time. Please enrol online here.

Login details for the Institute's Learning Management System will be issued once the application has been processed. 

Learning materials

You are expected to actively review and reflect on the materials and activities undertaken in the subject. The subject materials are not intended to contain large amounts of content-specific information to be learned by rote or memory.

Videos have been provided throughout the subject and some of these videos are provided as links to online sources such as YouTube.


You will have three months to complete the course. There is no formal assessment for this course, however, you must successfully answer multiple choice questions which are included throughout the course to aid learning.  If you are studying the course to complete your application to become an Accredited member with the Actuaries Institute you will be asked to sign a declaration that you have completed and understood the course.