Code of Conduct


The Code of Conduct (the Code) sets out the standards of conduct to be observed by Members of the Actuaries Institute. Since 31 March 2020, the Code has been principles-based and amongst other changes now encompasses all aspects of an Actuaries life - not only professional.

The Code and its Explanatory Memorandum are supported by extensive Guidance, developed and maintained by the Code of Conduct Guidance Group, to assist Members’ understanding of the Code.

There are many other potential sources of guidance to help Members deal with ethical and professional issues that may arise. Some of these have been helpfully organised on the following CPD and Knowledge page.

The Code of Conduct Guidance Group welcomes feedback on any of the areas above - please contact with comments or suggestions.


Members are invited to test their knowledge of the Code, by completing a short quiz of 20 multiple choice questions. Members earn one CPD point for completing the quiz and should aim to score >90%.

The quiz is anonymous, but note that you can take the quiz only once. If you do not achieve the score above, it is recommended that you carefully re-read the Code.