Institute HQ


Chief Executive Officer Elayne Grace
Executive Assistant Glenda Owen

Business Development

Business Development Consultant David Thompson

Committee and Volunteer Engagement

Committee and Volunteer Engagement Manager Lily Meszaros
Liaison Manager Asia Kitty Chan

Communications and Marketing

Head of Communications and Marketing Katrina McFadyen
Digital Marketing Manager Stephanie Quine
Communications and Marketing Specialist Jennifer Yu
Digital Media Specialist Justin Matters


Education Manager and Team Leader Eleanor Mazando
Education Coordinator Ausa Chanthaphone


Events Manager and Team Leader Sarah Gibson
Events Manager Liz Gemmell
Events Coordinator Zoe Carlyon


Chief Financial Officer, Company Secretary Glyn Thomas
Accountant Colleen Chen

MEMBER Services

Head of Member Services Operations Tony Burke
Head of Product & Professional Development Karenna Chhoeung
Senior Officer, Product & Professional Development 
Carolina Vilches
Business Analyst and Team Leader Mark Rupac
Senior Member Services Administrator Danzell Ning
Member Services Administrator Krystel Rowe  

Office Support

Receptionist Linda McMaster

Public Policy

Public Policy Advisor John McLenaghan


Head of Strategic Projects Sarah Tedesco
Lead Actuarial Educator Mike Callan
Actuarial Educator Amanda Aitken
Actuarial Educator Steve Holstein