Careers for actuaries

The actuarial canvas is vast and diverse, promising not just a career, but an expedition that knows no bounds. Where will the career take you?

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Discover a world beyond numbers, a universe of boundless potential.

When you're an actuary, the world is your arena. The in-demand expertise and skills of the profession unlocks a suite of exciting career opportunities, including:


Leadership positions

Their unique skills propel actuaries to the helm,
where they drive strategy, policy, and the future of businesses

Global mobility

Their universal recognition offers
actuaries the privilege to work worldwide,
broadening their professional horizons

Entrepreneurial pathways

Harness actuarial expertise to launch consultancies,
develop groundbreaking products, or even pioneer tech solutions

Actuarial industries

The actuarial career journey is not confined to one path but stretches across diverse landscapes – from the dynamic world of finance, to the transformative sectors of technology, healthcare, and environment. With every challenge you unravel, you’re not just shaping industries but sculpting the future of global societies, communities and people.

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General Insurance

Evaluate how changing circumstances impact the financial sustainability of general insurance products.

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Life insurance

Establish premium structures, evaluate risks, assess profitability and distribute surplus.

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Assess, quantify, and manage the risks associated with these reinsurance arrangements.

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Ensure the financial stability of health insurance products

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Project financial outcomes to guarantee the enduring viabiilty of super models.

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