Flood Resilience Seminar

Monday 16 May 2011

Welcome and Introductory Remarks

Melinda Howes, CEO, Actuaries Institute
Robert Whelan, CEO, Insurance Council of Australia
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Setting the Agenda – Disaster Resilience Strategies
The Hon Robert McClelland MP Attorney-General
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Identifying the Issues
Actuaries Institute Flood Committee

International Perspective – Disaster Funding Frameworks
Rade Musulin
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Flood Mitigation Strategies and Options

The Engineering Perspective
Mark Babister
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Dams Consultant
Norm Himsley
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The Government Perspective
Mike Rothery
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Question and Answer

Availability and Affordability of Flood Insurance
John Trowbridge
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Flood Insurance, Flood Mapping and Flood Pricing
Alex Sanchez Presentation Audio Webcast
Karl Jones Presentation Audio Webcast
Stephen Jeffrey Presentation Audio Webcast

Panel Discussion

What Have We Done Wrong and What Should We Do to Fix It?
Guy Harding
Hedley Thomas
Daniel Smith
John Price
Joan Fitzpatrick
Katherine Lane
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Closing Remarks

Barry Rafe, Institute President