Financial Services Forum

Plenary 1


Martin Stevenson, Institute President

Keynote Speaker

Australia's Expanding Economic Horizons
Dr Don Stammer

Concurrent 1

Meeting the Needs of Australia's Future Dissavers
Anthony Bice, David Moloney
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Back to the Future – Opportunities for Life Officers in Unit-Linked Business
Wade Tubman, Andrew Tang
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Genetics in Underwriting Life Insurance Risk Committee Anthony Brien, Ron Trent

Risk Management Education and Research and ERMII Initiative
Mike Sherris, Mark Young

The Value of Advice
Richard Cornwell
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Concurrent 2

Hot Topics in Super
Brad Jeffery, John Ward, Darren Wickham
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Polishing the Crystal Ball – Progressing the Institute's Vision over the Next Ten Years
Greg Martin
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Unitistation, Governance and Control Cycles
Julian Gribble
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Reverse Mortgages – Finally a New Life Insurance Product?
James Collier

Asset Liability Management for Australian Life Insurance
Anton Kapal, Zac Roberts
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Concurrent 3

Valuing Performance Linked Share Based Payment – A Report from the Coal Face
John Graham, Keith Martland
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Results of the Morbidity Committee Life Insurance Risk Committee
Anthony Brien

Target Surplus
Caroline Bennet, Paul Ivory
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Profit Testing in a Retail Lending Portfolio
Conor O'Dowd, Eamon Kelly

Mean Reversion in Equity Markets – A Literature Review
Anthony Asher
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Concurrent 4

Living Life Optimally with a Mean Reverting Price of Risk
Hing Chan
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Product Rationalisation
Paul Swinhoe
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Rating Life Investing
Hoa Bui
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Does Ethical Investing Reduce Returns
John Evans

Risk Measures and Capital for Dependent Risks and Mixture Models for Models for Understanding Dependencies of Insurance and Credit Risks
Florence Wu, Mike Sherris, Emiliano Valdez
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Plenary 2

Future Investment Opportunities for Australian Institutions
Adnan Kucukalic Presentation Audio
Dimitri Burshtein Presentation Audio
Andre Morony Audio
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Financial Service Forum Dinner

Concurrent 5

Mortality of Public Sector Scheme Pensioners
Andrew Dougham, Mark Nelson, Richard Starkey, Anne Wilson
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Pandemic – What Every Actuary Advising an Australian Financial Services Organisation Should Know
Alex Stit
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The Role of the Actuary in Unit Pricing and Managing Unitised Funds
Michael Dermody, Martin Panio
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Equity Release – Options and Guarantees
Duncan Rawlinson
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Widening the Distribution Channel
James Hickey
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Means Test – An Evaluation of the Justice if Imposing High Rates of Glow-back on Those of Modest Means
Anthony Asher
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Concurrent 6

Financing the Ageing – Worldwide Update on Issues, Policy and Product Development
Retirement Incomes Task Force, Steve Shubert
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Postcards from the Edge – Return to Work Strategies or Claim Management Trends
Jane Dorter

Review of Market Practice of Disclosure Under AIFRS
Daniel Longden, Jaimie Sach
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Corporate Interest Rate Risk Management with Derivatives in Australia
Luiz Carnerio, Mike Sherris
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Price Optimisation in Financial Service Moving Closer to Individual Pricing
Adam Druissi

Financial Risk Management for the Life Insurance / Wealth Management Industry
Wade Matterson
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Concurrent 7

Group Insurance in 2006 and Beyond
P Durant, K Maartensz, A McDonnell, S Denzel
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External Peer Review – Not Just an Audit
Hoa Bui, Briallen Cummings
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International Trends in Regulatory Capital and Target Surplus
Jennifer Lang, Caroline Bennet
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Market Risk – Life Insurance Compared to Bank
Robert Daly, Anton Kapel
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Valuation of Long term Equity Options and Guarantees Under Stochastic Interest Rates
Bernard Wong
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Concurrent 8

Update from Super Tax Reform Task Force
John Trowbridge, Geoff Dunford, Darren Wickham, Mark Nelson
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Update and Member Contribution Life Insurance Wealth Management Practice Committee
Grant Peters
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Valuation of Frictional Cost
Caroline Bennet
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Weather Derivatives Pricing and Risk Management Applications
John Tindall
Presentation Audio Paper

Adverse Selection Spirals
Piet de Jong, Shauna Ferris
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Plenary 3

The Growing Importance of Risk Management
Introduction Audio
Harvey Crapp Audio
Pauline Blight Presentation Audio
Mick Leonard Presentation Audio
David Knox Presentation Audio
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