Subjects and Syllabus

The Actuary Program commences in 2020. On completion of this program you will be an Actuary and awarded the designation Associate (AIAA).

The program comprise four subjects of which two are delivered by accredited Universities and two are delivered by the Actuaries Institute.

University Delivered Subjects

Institute Delivered Subjects

 Actuarial Control Cycle

Asset and Liability Management

 Data Analytics Principles

Communications Modelling and Professionalism

Students who commence their studies prior to 2020 may have Transition Arrangements.

wayS to study the university subjects

Seven Australian universities offer accredited education programs that cover the Actuary Program university delivered subjects.

View University Courses here.

WAYS TO STUDY THE institute delivered SUBJECTS

These subjects will be offered in 2020 as follows

Semester 1 2020

Semester 2 2020

Semester 1 2021

Semester 2 2021