Strategic Plan

2018-20 Strategic plan

The Institute’s 2018 - 2020 Strategic Plan was approved by Council on 4 December 2017. 

The Plan sets out four strategic goals to support the Institute's aim:

'To build a strong actuarial profession and community across Australia and Asia that is in high demand both now, and in the future, across regulatory and non-regulatory roles in financial services and the broader economy.'

Goal 1:   Deliver quality professional learning.  

Goal 2:  Growth and diversity. 

Goal 3:  Build brand and community. 

Goal 4:  Build a future-proof and professional organisation.

There are designated HQ goal leaders and Council sponsors for each of the five goals.



HQ lead

Council sponsors


Best practice education and lifelong learning

Jenny Lyon
Andrew Brown
Chao Qiao


Improved member and student engagement

Hoa Bui
Bill Konstantinidis


More influence and better known

Barry Rafe
Lisa Simpson
Nicolette Rubinsztein


Asia strategy

John Evans
Andy Yang


Extend reach

Chao Qiao
Bill Konstantinidis

Progress Reports

Members will be provided with regular progress reports and will be notified when these are available.


We welcome feedback from Actuaries Institute Members on the 2015-17 Strategic Plan.  Please contact us via