Strategic Plan


Building on our strengths, seizing our future

The Institute’s 2022-24 Strategy – Seizing Opportunities was developed by the Board and the Executive after extensive consultation with members including our Horizon Scan 2035 Project, and also with external stakeholders, to map out the medium and long-term trajectory of the profession and the Institute. It draws on our strengths to prepare us for the opportunities and challenges of 2022 and beyond.

It is a growth strategy designed to help the profession seize more opportunities to provide meaningful advice and leadership to those in business, government, and society.

Seizing Opportunities identifies four strategic priorities. 

  • Social purpose and brand - as actuaries, we have always served our communities by helping make life more sustainable, fairer, and more prosperous. By continuing to reinforce our social purpose and attracting the best talent, we can push brand Actuary to new heights. This includes amplifying our messages to wider and influential audiences and strengthening our global community of actuaries.
  • Member value proposition - the new strategy aims to provide relevant events, professional standards, and career support for all members. This includes enriching our lifelong learning programs and assisting members make connections through networking and mentoring, events, and conferences. 
  • Professional qualification, certification, and lifelong learning: - the actuarial profession has always embraced rigorous learning. The strategy focuses on enhancing our cornerstone qualifications, deepening data education, building new certification opportunities and on the attraction and retention of students.
  • Opportunity and growth – Underpinning every element of the new strategy is the belief that ‘now is our time.’ It commits the Institute to increased growth – in numbers, in the diversity of our membership, the skills we deploy, in the organisations we work in and the fields where we lead.

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Fearless Actuaries

Institute President, Annette King, discusses Seizing Opportunities - and more – in this video