Financial Services Forum

Thursday 13 May 2010


Bozenna Hinton, Institute President

Plenary 1

The Human Perspective: What Australians Really Need
Bernard Salt, Frank Ashe, Heather Dawson

Chair and Presenter Briefing

James Hickey, Wade Matterson

Concurrent 1

Our New 'Old' Problem – Pricing Longevity Risk in Australia
Patricia Berry, Lawrence Tsui
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Illiquid Assets – Are They Worth it? Managing Liquidity and Valuation Risk
Wade Tubman, Ian Laughlin
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Impact of Liability Profile on Investment Strategy for Insurance
Anton Kapel, Graeme Miller
Presentation Paper

Role of Advisers within the Financial Services Market – Linchpin or Leech
Andrew Mckee
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International Development in Prudential Regulation of Banks and Insurers
Tony Coleman
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More about Innovation in Superannuation Fund Structure, Management etc.
Andrew Mead, Sean McGing
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Concurrent 2

Ripoll, Henry & Cooper – What are the Impacts on Life Insurance?
Jennifer Lang, Leigh Kobus

Variable Annuities in Australia – Managing Market Risks with Dynamic Hedging Programs
Jeff Gelber, Warren Manners
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Implementing Portfolio Protection Strategies and Utilising Risk Models without Destabilising the Financial System
Charles Qin, Andrew Fisher

ISFAKPMG Lump Sum Risk Experience Study 2006-2008
Hoa Bui, Briallen Cummings
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Financial Planning and Advice: (r)evolution to a New Operating Model
Michael Monaghan
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Determining an Optimal Distribution Strategy
Mitchell Prevett, Greg Schneider
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Concurrent 3

Longevity Risk Management for Life and Variable Annuities
Michael Sherris, Andrew Ngai
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Current Issues with Superannuation Benefit Projections, Web-calculations and Fee Disclosure Benefit Projection Working Group
Darren Wickham, Glen Langton, Bill Buttler
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Preparing for the Future Wealth Management Landscape
Daniel Levy
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Control, Flexibility and Automation of Actuarial Processes
Mark Schneider, Darren Robinson
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Weather and Carbon Derivatives: Pricing and Managing Risk in the ART Market
Jon Tindall
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Concurrent 4

Financial Condition Reports for Superannuation Funds
Darren Wickham
Presentation Audio

Are Direct Channels Helping Life Insurers and Consumer to Address Underinsurance?
Wayne Kenafacke, John King
Presentation Audio Paper

A Holistic Framework for Lifecycle Financial Planning
Josh Corrigan, Wade Matterson
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Unlocking the Equity in Your Home – Just How Risky Is It?
Shauna Ferris
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International Actuarial Association Mortality Working Group – An Overview
Martin Stevenson
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Plenary 2

The Industry Perspective's: Five Things to Change
Paul Bolinowsky, Jo-Anne Bloch,Michael Dwyer

Pre-Dinner Drinks

Conference Dinner

Friday 14 May 2010

Plenary 3

An Outsider's Perspective: A Fresh Look at the Australian System
Hazel McNeilage
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Concurrent 5

The Case Against Government Support of a Lifetime Annuity Market in Australia
Barry Rafe
Audio Paper

Life Insurance & Wealth Management Pricing and Profitability
Peter Larsen, Caroline Bennett
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Enterprise Risk Management & the Actuarial Profession
Gloria Yu, Ian Laughlin
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One Step for Man (and Woman) ... The Quest for a Genuinely Member-Focussed Insurance Policy
Ian Silk
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Forget Saving – Let's Aim for Equity and Transparency in the Financial System!
Eric Ranson
Presentation Audio Paper

APS330 Home Lending Data – Application & Insights
Tim Gorst
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Concurrent 6

SEB Practice Committee Update: Cooper, Henry, Johnson, Ripoll and the Federal Budget – What Else?
Paul Shallue, John Newman
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A Discussion of Equity Risk Premium Issues for Actuaries
Anthony Asher, Frank Ashe
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Update to Capital Standards
Rob Desoisa

Renovating Finance Function: Elements of Change
Beth Lawson
Audio Paper

Risk Based Capital and Pricing for Reverse Mortgage Revisited
Michael Sherris, David Sun
Presentation Audio Paper

Credit Risk for Illiquid Collaterals – A Driver Approach
Mark Young, Wendy Yip
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Panel Discussion

Senator the Hon. Nicky Sherry,
Facilitator: Melinda Howes

Concurrent 7

Retirement Income Products and Strategies – An Assessment of Value Propositions and Potential Implications
Duncan Rawlinson, Nick Callil
Presentation Audio

Risk-Free Discount Rates and Inflation Rates: Recent Development and Issues
Michael Dermody, Martin Paino

Systemic Risk in the Global Financial Services Industry – Drivers, Responses and Implications for Australia
Anthony Bice, Jacob Hook
Presentation Audio

Adequacy of the Social Welfare System in Providing Pre-Retirement Financial Security
Jeff Humphreys
Presentation Audio

The Mortgage Sector and Opportunities for Actuaries
James Hickey

Achieving Market Consistent Pricing of Options and Bonds Where No Market Exists
John Hibbert

Concurrent 8

LIWMPC Longevity Research Group Update 2010
Francis Burgess
Presentation Audio Paper

Employer Sponsor Covenants – UK Experience and How it Could Apply in Australia
Andrew Boal, John Newman

Funding Retirees' Budgets: Ways of Managing the Investment Risks
Ribhi Alam, Anthony Asher

Practical Perspectives – Complying Risk Management with LPS and GPS 220
Tim Gorst

A Kindergarten Guide to Monetary Economics
Frank Ashe
Audio Paper

Insurance Accounting Developments
International Accounting Standards Committee
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Plenary 4

A Regulator's Perspective: How Australia Measures up Globally
John Trowbridge,Tony Coleman,Mark Baxter,Michael Barker

Closing Remarks

Bozenna Hinton, President