How to become an actuary

Understand the academic and professional requirements to
qualify as an actuary with the Actuaries Institute.

Becoming an actuary

Your journey to becoming a qualified actuary

To become an actuary, you have both academic and professional experience requirements which form the Institute's Education Program.
Your studies are grouped into three programs:



Get introduced to actuarial statistics and mathematics, business, finance and economics.


Gain technical skills, learn about processes and manage differences of opinion in organisations. Graduate as a qualified actuary and Associate (AIAA) of the Institute.


Add depth and specialisation to your education and train to be a leader in your chosen field. Graduate as a Fellow (FIAA) of the Institute.

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Winding road


Exemptions are your fast-track pathway to completing our Education Program.

If you're completing some academic requirements of the programs through university or other learning providers, you may be eligible for exemptions.

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