Biennial Convention

Sunday 19 April 2009

Pre-Dinner Drinks

PWC Welcome Dinner
John Maroney, Institute CEO

Monday 20 April

Communication Breakfast

Robert Morand


Trevor Thompson, Institute President
Peter Thompson, Facilitator

Plenary 1

Global Economic Shift
Bob Jaeger Audio
Ron Russell Presentation Audio

Concurrent 1

Pricing Group Business During an Economic Downturn
Francis Burgess, Andrew Paabo

Superannuation Funds – Managing Liquidity Risk in a Volatile World
Melinda Howes
Presentation Audio

Longevity Derivatives – Illustrating a “New” Approach to Investing
Zac Roberts
Presentation Paper Audio

The Appointed Actuary in General Insurance – A Stakeholder Assessment of the Regime GIPC
Chris Latham
Presentation Audio

Solvency II – Latest Developments
Craig McCulloch
Presentation Audio

Can You Put A Price on Health? The Valuation of Health Insurers
Jamie Reid, Ian Burningham
Paper Audio

Concurrent 2

Industry Experience Studies
Hoa Bui, Briallen Cummings, Agnes Wong

The Retirement Village Industry – Opportunities for Actuaries Improvement
Dennis Barton
Presentation Paper Audio

A General Insurance Perspective on the Use and Communication of ERM
Paul Goswamy, Chatherine Dube
Presentation Audio

How to Destabilise the Financial System
Shauna Ferris
Presentation Paper Audio

Future Direction of the Australian Health Financing System
Stuart Rodger, Ignatius Li

Dealing with Excessive Concentration to Stocks in Small Markets
Chris Condon
Presentation Paper Audio

Guest Speaker

Corporations & Financial Services
Bernie Rippol, MP Chair, PJC

Concurrent 3

Future Longevity Research
LIWPC (James Collier)
Presentation Paper Audio

The Interaction of Prudential Capital Requirements Across Banking and Insurance
Elaine Collins, Lucy Simpson
Presentation Audio

Financial Risk Management: Practical Methods to Improve Return on Capital
Zac Roberts, John Evans
Presentation Paper Audio

Rebalancing Revisited
Syd Bone, Andrew Goddard
Presentation Audio

Salary Linked Home Finance – Reducing Interest Rate, Inflation and Idiosyncratic Salary Risks
Anthony Asher
Presentation Paper Audio

Professional Guidance for Health Insurance Actuaries
Peter Lurie, Andrew Gale
Presentation Audio

Plenary 2

Changing Social Dynamics
Garry Muriwai Audio
Richard Denniss Presentation Audio

Tuesday 21 April 2009

Communications Breakfast

Robert Morand

Convention Highlights

Peter Thompson

Plenary 3

Digging for Value
Martijn Wilder Presentation Audio
Bruce Rigby Presentation Audio

Concurrent 4

The Henry/Harmer Retirement Incomes and Pension Review Outcomes
Retirement Incomes Taskforce (Catherine Nance)

Economic Capital – Managing Risk in Different Financial Services Companies
Jennifer Lang

Quantifying and Managing a Risk Culture
Jules Gribble, David Goodsall
Presentation Paper Audio

Hard to Insure Flood Risks – Possible Funding Solutions
GIPC (David Whittle)
Presentation Paper Audio

Going Carbon Neutral – a Practical Business Perspective
Alan Greenfield

Actuarial Consideration of the AASB1023 Liability Adequacy Test in Private Health Insurance
Peter Lurie, Adam Jupp
Presentation Audio

Concurrent 5

Learning to Live with Longevity – Retirement Spending and Investment Implications
Nick Callil
Presentation Audio

ERM Practices: A Comparison of Approaches
Anton Kapel, Pat McConnell
Presentation Paper Audio

The Australian Investment Management Industry – Global Gold Standard, or Fool's Gold?
Wade Tubman, Annie Liao
Presentation Audio

Insights into Comprehensive Motor Rating in Australia
Nelson Henwood, Colin Brigstock
Presentation Paper Audio

Going for Research Gold: The Role and Potential of Research in The Institute and The Profession
Research Committee of Council (Chris Latham)
Presentation Audio

Pennies from Heaven – Health Insurance
Andrew Gale
Paper Audio

Guest Speaker

Senator the Hon, Nick Sherry

Concurrent 6

No-One is Average – The Presentation of Retirement Risks
Richard Starkey
Presentation Audio

ERM – Capturing the Upside
Brett Riley
Presentation Paper Audio

Art or Science? Industry Approaches to Tax in Unit Pricing
Michael Dermody
Presentation Audio

Walking Through Moral Hazard Minefields
Brent Walker
Presetation Audio

Unisuper's Approach to Risk Budgeting
David Schneider, Dennis Sams
Presentation Paper Audio

A Blueprint for an Actuarial Education
John Shepherd
Presentation Audio

Concurrent 7

A Modern Approach to Group Risk Pricing and Credibility
Hakop Pashayan
Presentation Paper Audio

The Funding of Closed Defined Benefit Schemes
Adam Butt
Presentation Paper Audio

Commonwealth's Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme White Paper, and What it Means
Peter Eben
Presentation Audio

Bayesian Approach for Prediction Error in Chain-Ladder Claims Reserving
Ji Yao

The Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP/HECS) – A Microsimulation Model of Individual Repayment Prospects
Michael O'Neill
Presentation Paper

Equity Driven Productivity – An Actuarial Business Model
Eric Ranson
Presentation Paper Audio

Plenary 4

At the Coal Face

Retail Banking – A Protected Species!
Mark Lawrence
Presentation Audio

Global Insurance – The Future
Steve Taylor-Gooby
Presentation Audio

Pre-Dinner Drinks

KPMG Gala Dinner

Wednesday 22 April 2009

Concurrent 8

Longevity and Retirement Incomes
Paul Swinhoe, Eric McNamara
Presentation Audio

GFC: APRA Activities
Ramani Venkatramani
Presentation Audio

Your Life Capital – An Actuarial Perspective on Your Investment in Life
Ian Pollard
Presentation Paper Audio

Mapping Investment Opportunities to Financial Needs
Mark Berry
Presentation Audio

Update From the Product Rationalisation Taskforce
Rob Desoisa
Presentation Audio

Simple Way to Reduce Driving Related Harms and Increase Fairness
Colin Priest, Roger Gobler
Presentation Audio

Concurrent 9

Personality Types of Actuaries and Implications for Leadership and Service
Andrew Gale, Leonie Tickle
Paper Audio

Stochastic Solvency Testing in Life Insurance
Genevieve Hayes
Presentation Paper Audio

Fair Value Accounting – Is “Fair Value” Really Fair?
Anton Kapel, John Nicholls

Some Further Thoughts on Systemic Risk – and How to Control it
Mike Barker
Presentation Paper Audio

Contemporary Issues in Private Health Insurance
Health Practice Committee (David Watson, Andrew Gale & Ben Ooi)

Report from the Dependency Working Party
General Insurance Practice Committee (Piet de Jong)

Convention Highlights

Peter Thompson

Plenary 5

Professional Leadership

Making a Difference Through Increased Personal Effectiveness
Clarence Da Gama Pinto Presentation Audio Presentation

Professions and the Regulator
John Trowbridge

Starring into the Abyss
Alden Toevs

Commonwealth Bank Panel Discussion
The Crisis – How Do Professionals Stack Up?

Closing Remarks

Trevor Thompson, Institute President

Guest Speaker

ANOP Designations
Ron Cameron