Insights and Other Events

Virtual Insights - Opportunities In Asia and Market Insights
Friday 9 September 2022
Presented by Andy Yang, Fung Mei Yip, Yi Dong, Queenie Choi and Kitty Chan 
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Virtual Insights - Home Insurance Affordability and the impact on socioeconomic equity
Monday 22 August 2022
Presented by Christa Marjoribanks (Chair) Sharanjit Paddam, Calise Liu and Saroop Philip 
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Virtual Insights - Introducing the Actuaries Institute’s new Data Analytics Microcredential
Thursday 28 July 2022
Presented by Amanda Aitken (Chair), Justin Sik-Kwok-Wong, Kaiyuan Ruan, Hasith Wijesekera, Jessica Chen, Louise Atkins and Michael Storozhev.
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Virtual Insights - Crypto Currency & Risk Management
Thursday 21 July 2022
Presented by Clement Peng (Chair) Angela Shi, Dr Christian Chamorro Courtland and Iain Bulcraig
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Virtual Insights - Why would you want to be an Appointed Actuary?
Wednesday 20 July 2022
Presented by Geoff Atkins (Chair), Gae Robinson, Chris Scheuber and Dimity Gartzionis. 
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Young Actuaries Program - YAP Asia Chapter and Actuarial Society of Malaysia present Career Panel
Tuesday 12 July 2022
Presented by Kelvin Hii (Chair)Iris Lun, Alston Yong and Haw Sin Tan
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Virtual Insights - Developing Guidance For Actuaries: AI And Anti-Discrimination In Insurance
Thursday 22 June 2022
Presented by Chris Dolman (chair), Llewellyn Spink and Lorraine Finlay
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Virtual Insights - IPCC’s 6th Assessment Reports And Recent Extreme Weather Events
Wednesday 15 June 2022 
Presented by Rade Musulin, Stephen Lau, Ramona Meyricke

Virtual Insights - What is ESG? Not an Acronym! - By YAP NSW
Thursday 31 March 2022 
Presented by Aidain Nguyen (chair), Hugh Miller, Ruby Smith, Noeline Woof
Presentation by Hugh Miller
Presentation by Ruby Smith
Presentation by Noeline Wolf

Virtual Insights - International Women's Day Event
Tuesday 8 March 2022 
Presented by Annette King, Alison Drill, Nicolette Rubinsztein, Kate Lyons
Presentation by Alison Drill

Young Actuaries Advisory Board - Innovation Challenge Workshop
Tuesday 22 February 2022 
Presented by Annette King, Queenie Chow, Harrison Gee and Mark Samuels
Presentation by Queenie
Presentation by Harrison and Mark

Virtual Insights – APRA’s AASB17 QIS – what General Insurance Actuaries need to know
Tuesday 18 January 2022 
Presented by Kaise Stephan, Francis Beens and Timothy Lee