Becoming a CERA

Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuaries (CERAs) are best qualified to lead an organisation’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program because:

  • CERAs are trained through a rigorous examination process to identify, measure and manage risks and opportunities within complex enterprises;
  • CERA training does not stop with mathematics and quantitative finance - CERAs are equipped to develop models that reflect the real world and can inform strategic decisions;
  • CERAs make smart, confident decisions related to complex financial challenges by applying qualitative and quantitative insights to risk management; and
  • as actuaries, CERAs are bound by a code of professional conduct to act with integrity, care and competence.

CERA Global

Founded on the principles of actuarial science and the framework of Enterprise Risk Management, the global CERA designation represents expertise, insight, creativity and integrity. Learn more about the global Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuary designation on CERA global.

How to Obtain the CERA Designation

To be awarded the CERA designation by the Actuaries Institute, members need to:

Under the terms of the Global Enterprise Risk Management Designation Recognition Treaty, the Institute is required to provide the CERA Global Association with 14 days' written notice of the names of applicants for the CERA designation prior to the designation being awarded by the Institute.