Enrolments and Examinations


Student members can enrol for the Fellowship Program subjects during enrolment period. There are two enrolment periods a year in Dec/January for Semester One and June for Semester Two. Please refer to the key dates for further details.

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You will be asked to:
  • select the subject/s in which you want to enrol and select the exam centre where you would like to sit the exam;
  • select any course products you would like to purchase and select one method of delivery
  • confirm your order details
  • update your billing and any shipping details
  • choose a payment method and pay for your order

All enrolments are acknowledged by email. Students who do not receive a confirmation of enrolment are advised to contact the Education Team


All enrolments and their complete payment must be received and finalised by the enrolment closing date unless an authorised extension is granted. 

Enrolments with incomplete information or without a valid payment will not be processed.

Late enrolments will not be accepted. 

Enrolment fees are available here

Students wishing to undertake the UK SP9 Examination as part of Course 7A - Enterprise Risk Management or UK SP1 Health and Care Examination for Module 1 must not apply directly to the UK Institute and Faculty of Actuaries for examination entry. Applications made directly to the UK Institute and Faculty of Actuaries will not be accepted.


In 2020 the following subjects  will only be open for enrolment to students who are part-way through the specialisation or need to re-sit a subject: C6A and C6B Global Retirement Income Systems. Students who had planned to undertake 6A or 6B Global Retirement Incomes for the first time in 2020, or later, will instead enrol in the new subjects Life Insurance and Retirement Valuation and Life Insurance and Retirement Product Development.

Students who have studied Life Insurance and Retirement Valuation(LIRV) and Life Insurance and Retirement Product Development (LIRPD) must select Life Insurance Applications as their module 3 subject rather than CAP.  The LIRV and LIRPD subjects cover the principles which life insurance actuaries need to understand, but the Life Insurance Applications subject covers the relevant Australian legislation, regulation and industry practice which it will be important for those working in the industry to know.

Students who have already completed CAP prior to studying LIRV or LIRPD will be able to count CAP as one of their modules.

If you have any questions about your subject selection or eligibility to enrol into a course please contact the Education Team.


Module 1 - SP1 and SP9 course materials are available from ActEd (UK).

Course materials for all other Module 1, Module 2, Module 3 and Module 4 subjects are available for order at the time of enrolment or by contacting the Education Team. Please note all enrolled students will receive free access to a digital version of course notes (textbook not included) for these Modules in the Institute's Learning Management System.

Printed Course materials and any textbooks are not included in enrolment fees. Postage or courier costs will be charged to cover the delivery of printed course materials to students (these are specified during the enrolment process).

Part III Course materials typically contain a course guide, prescribed readings and may include a list of recommended background reading. The Actuaries Institute does not supply background reading. It is recommended that students thoroughly understand all items in the prescribed reading list and keep up-to-date with economic developments in Australia by regularly reading the financial press.

The Actuaries Institute accepts no responsibility for information or opinions expressed in the course notes or professional papers recommended.



The Actuaries Institute offers students in qualifying countries financial relief from Part III enrolment fees for Actuaries Institute developed courses. To qualify for fee relief students must:
  • be a current full-time resident of and working in a qualified country;
  • be personally paying for the course fees and not being reimbursed; and;
  • have their salary paid in local currency.

Students who qualify for fee relief pay 50% of the scheduled enrolment fee for a Part III subject. To apply for Part III Fee Relief, students should submit an Application for Part III Fee Relief prior to enrolling in a Part III course.

Fee relief is only available for the workshop fees for C7A – Enterprise Risk Management and not for the UK SP9 Examination.


Students are entitled to a full or partial refund of their course fees should they chose to withdraw from a course, provided they submit their withdrawal form to the Actuaries Institute by the dates listed on the withdrawal form.

All forms needs to submitted by 17:00pm (AEST) before the deadline date to receive a refund.

Refunds apply for course fees only, and do not include course materials or textbooks. No refund will be given if a student is disqualified from sitting an examination for any reason, or fails to sit the examination.


Students who believe their assignment or examination performance has been or may be affected by personal difficulties, such as illness or bereavement, may apply to have these circumstances taken into consideration by submitting a Request for Special Consideration. Applications must include supporting documentation, such as a:
  • medical certificate or doctor’s note;
  • police or fire certificate;
  • death certificate; or
  • letter from employer.

All supporting documentation must be current and up-to-date. The Actuaries Institute reserves the right to decline applications submitted without appropriate supporting documentation or after the deadline. Special consideration only applies to courses examined by the Actuaries Institute. 

Students wishing to apply for special consideration for the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA UK) examination - SP9 Enterprise Risk Management Examination or SP1 Health and Care Examination should submit an Application for Mitigating Circumstances directly to the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries within 2 weeks of the exam taking place. Applications received after the two-week period may not be accepted.