Gold and Silver Medals

Medals are presented in recognition of a long record of outstanding work in the service of the profession, business, government or community, which brought identifiable credit to the profession. These medals recognise service that enhances the image of the actuarial profession. In the history of the Institute, only three people have been awarded the Silver Medal, while two have  been awarded the Institute’s highest honour, the Gold Medal.

Gold Medallists

Ian Laughlin, BSc, FIAA, FIA, CERA, FAICD

Ian Laughlin has been awarded the Actuaries Institute’s highest honour, a Gold Medal, in recognition of more than four decades of outstanding work in the service of the community, the actuarial profession, business and government.

Ian was named Actuary of the Year in 2018.

He has been a member of the Board and Chair of the Risk Management Practice Committee.  He led a Taskforce on implementing the global accounting standard IFRS 17, and was a member of both the international committee that set the CERA syllabus and the Institute's COVID-19 Working Group. More recently Ian led the Institute's Disability Insurance Taskforce to drive changes to Australia’s individual disability income insurance sector.

He has written a Dialogue paper on social risk for financial institutions following the release of Royal Commissioner, Kenneth Hayne’s final report; another Dialogue paper co-authored with Hadyn Bernau on the concept of a Social Condition Report for financial services businesses; and a third Dialogue paper, co-authored with Barry Rafe, on the special needs of financial service boards.

Ian has had a stellar corporate career, leading businesses as a managing director and as a board member.  He was Deputy Chairman of APRA and served on the Financial Reporting Board and with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. Ian is a Distinguished Fellow of the International Association of Insurance Supervisors and is currently Principal at PFS Consulting.

Ian's contribution to the actuarial profession, business, and the broader community has been outstanding.  He was presented with the Gold Medal at the Board Meeting on Thursday 2 December 2021.  Find out more


The Actuaries Institute conferred its highest award, the Institute Gold Medal, to Dr Greg Taylor in recognition of his outstanding contribution nationally and internationally to the theory and practice of actuarial science, for his integrity, and for his unsurpassed dedication to his chosen profession.

The exceptional quality of his many analytical and theoretical written contributions is acknowledged world-wide by both academic and commercial institutions. Dr Taylor has received numerous awards for the intellectual rigour, thoroughness and insights of his publications which have demonstrated innovative research capable of being applied practically in the commercial world.

He has been awarded the Institute AM Parker Prize on three occasions and the HM Jackson Prize. Internationally, he has been the recipient of the Memorial Prize Fund of the Institute of Actuaries (London), two SCOR International Prizes in Actuarial Science, the Teivo Pentikainen Award for Insurance Research and the Charles A Hachemeister Prize of the US Casualty Society.

His book Claims Reserving in Non-Life Insurance remains the most comprehensive documentation of the methods of claims reserving used by general insurance actuaries throughout the world. It has been an invaluable contribution to the general insurance actuarial profession.

Dr Taylor has made contributions to several books and many different insurance and actuarial journals both in Australia and overseas and has published more than 100 papers. While the majority of these relate to statistics and general insurance they also include papers on life insurance, superannuation and investment. He has acted as a referee and reviewer for numerous Australian and international journals.

Dr Taylor also has made significant honorary contributions to the profession during the past 25 years, serving on the Board of the Institute, on many of its committees and on international committees.

Apart from his internationally acclaimed achievements in actuarial science and his professional commitment both in Australia and overseas, Dr Taylor’s career in business and commerce has been significant. He is regarded as a pioneer of actuarial involvement in general insurance and has received tributes and recognition from throughout the world for his practical and business contributions.

The Gold Medal was presented to Dr Taylor at the ASTIN & AFIR banquet in August 1997.

Silver Medallists


The Silver Medal was presented to Mr John Pollard for his contribution to actuarial education, research and academia and his service as a board members and President of the Institute. A Professor of Actuarial Studies at Macquarie University where he has been Head of the Department of Actuarial Studies since 1977, Mr Pollard’s contribution to the education of actuaries in Australia is unparalleled.

The Silver Medal was presented to Mr Pollard at the Gala Dinner of the Biennial Convention at Sanctuary Cove, Qld on Tuesday 15 May 2001.


The Silver Medal was presented to Mr Garth Ward for his major contribution to the Institute as a Board Member and for his pioneering work with model offices. The Institute applauded Mr Ward’s involvement in the development of then current actuarial thinking on the management of life office surplus and the control of equity in bonus systems.

The Silver Medal was presented to Mr Ward at the Presidential Dinner held at the Intercontinental Hotel on Tuesday, 21 May 1988.

P C Wickens OBE MA, LLM, FIA

Mr Peter Wickens, General Manager of City Mutual from 1970 – 1977, accepted the Silver Award as an acknowledgment for his lengthy and fruitful service to the Institute. The Institute’s first convention was held during his term as President in 1953 when it was decided to investigate the mortality of Australian assured lives. Mr Wickens also received an OBE “for exceptional service to the insurance industry”.

The Silver Medal was presented to Mr Wickens at the Presidential Dinner held at the Intercontinental Hotel on Tuesday, 21 May 1988.