Life Insurance

The Life Insurance Practice Committee (LIPC):

  • Contributes to the strategic direction of the Institute;
  • Actively supports the development of actuarial practice through the Institute’s education, CPD, standard-setting, public policy and research activities; and
  • Actively identifies and promotes opportunities for members working in life insurance and facilitates communication and liaison within the profession.

The responsibilities of the LIPC include:

  • Identifying new and emerging technical and practice needs of members.
  • Identifying risk exposures for the profession in life insurance and wealth management and making recommendations to Council on how to manage these.
  • Maintaining and developing professional education materials, including reviewing the course syllabus.
  • Identifying continuing professional development needs of members and developing CPD programs and opportunities.
  • Identifying potential issues for research and development.
  • Reviewing and developing relevant Professional Standards and Practice Guidelines.
  • Preparing public policy submissions on technical issues affecting life insurance and wealth management and on matters of broader public interest, including research activity.
  • Communicating on a regular basis with members (e.g. via e-newsletters and Actuaries Digital articles) on issues and developments affecting life insurance and wealth management.
  • Developing links with other actuarial bodies (overseas) and relevant professional and industry bodies.


Retirement Incomes Working Group

Anthony Asher (Chair)
Paul Swinhoe
Paul Scully
Brnic Van Wyk
Anthony Saliba
Richard Boyfield
Luis Sarmiento
Jeff Humphreys
Jim O’Donnell
Ramona Meyricke
Jim Hennington
Pavel Shevchenko
John De Ravin
Graham Kelly
Russel Chesler
Geoff Dunsford
Wade Matterson
Adam Shao
Ajay Abraham
Christine Li
Darren Beesley
David Orford
Fintan Thornton
George Lytas
Melanie Dunn
Oscar Chen
Phil Muir
Shang Wu
Timothy Lam

Life Insurance and Retirement Faculty Members

Faculty Head   Andy Siu
Secretary Christine See

Clayton Roderick – LIRV
Bruce Thomson  –  LIRPD
Anthony Brien  – LI App
Jim Repanis  – S&R App
Practice Committee
Mike Callan (LIPC)
Vivian Dang (SPC)
Chief Examiners
Georgina Hemmings - LIRV, LIRPD, LI App
Janice Jones - S&R App             


Eric Cheng (Life)
Simon Kong (Life)
Raymond Bennett (Life)
Vivian Dang (Super) 


Iris Deng (Life)
Saul Field (Life)
Raymond Bennett (Life)
Vivian Dang (Super)
Young Tan (Super)

SME LI App  

Eric Cheng
Simon Kong
Iris Deng
Saul Field
Sammy Liu
Raymond Bennett

SME S&R App Vivian Dang
Young Tan

Eleanor Mazando
Louise Atkins
Mike Callan

Retirement Strategy Group

Andrew Boal (Chair)
Anthony Asher
Nathan Bonarius
Naomi Edwards
Timothy Jenkins
Anton Kapel
David Knox
Christa Marjoribanks
Michael Rice

Professional Development Subcommittee

Stephen Dixon (LIPC Sponsor)
Kajal Pandya (Chair)
Joanna John
Muiz Murad
Terence Bui
Wen Yi Tang

Life Subcommittee

Insurance in Super Working Group: Jeff Humphries
Direct Insurance: Adrian Kerins
Collateral Arrangements Working Group: Colette Reid