Past Presidential Addresses

Elected by Council, the President is the leader and spokesperson for the Actuaries Institute and the actuarial profession in Australia. Each President serves for one year, and in their inaugural Presidential Address, shares their views on the future of the profession.

2023 - Naomi Edwards
2023 Presidential Address Video

2022 - Annette King 
2022 Presidential Address - Fearless Actuaries
Video also available

2021 - J Gibbs, BSc, FIA, FIAA
2021 Presidential Message - Expanding our Frontier
Video also available

2020 - H Bui, BEc, FIAA, GAICD
2020 Presidential Message - Picking up the torch
Video also available

2019 - N Rubinsztein, BSc, EMBA, FIAA, GAICD
2019 Presidential Message - Gender diversity in actuaries: The Good, the Ugly, the Good and the Bad 
Video also available

2018 - J Evans MBA, FIA, FIAA, CERA, FFin
2018 Presidential Address - Globalisation of the profession - threats and opportunities

2017 - J Lyon BSc (Hons), FIAA
2017 Presidential Address
Video also available

2016 - L Smartt BA, FIAA, FNZSA, ASA
2016 Presidential Message
Video also available

2015 – E Pearson BA (Hons) (Oxon), FIAA, GAICD
2015 Presidential Message
Video also available

2014 – D A Smith BSc, FNZSA, FIAA

2014 Presidential Message
Video also available

2013 – J M Newman BBusSc (Hons), FIAA, FAICD
The Future of the Profession

2012 – D M Goodsall BA, FIAA, CERA
The Actuary for the 21st Century

2011 – B E Rafe Bsc, FIAA, FAICD
Professionalism as Loyalty to the Public

2010  – B Hinton BEc, FIAA
Relevance, Change and Value

2009 – T J Thompson BA, FIAA
Colliding with the Future
Audio is also available

2008 – G C Martin BA, FFin, FIAA
What is an Actuary?

2007 – F Rowley MA, FIA, FASI, FIAA
Realising the Vision: Actuaries, Strategy and Risk

2006 – M A Stevenson
The Evolution of the Profession
Audio also available

2005 – A C Gale FIAA, BA, MBA, FIA
Leadership: The Courage to Commit

2004 – G E N Rogers FIA, FIAA
The Actuarial Profession – Making a Difference

2003 – C G Lewis BSc (Hons), FIA, FIAA
Shaping the Future: In a World of Uncertainty

2002 – H R Martin BA, FIAA
Actuaries, Woozles and Heffalumps: Perspectives from the Hundred Acre Wood

2001 –  A M Coleman BA, MBA, FIA, FIAA
Beyond Uncertainty: Turning Risk into Value

2000 – D M Knox BA, PhD, FIA, FIAA
Integrity, Innovation and Integration: A Respected, Developing and Contributing Profession

1999 – R S Mitchell FIA, ASA, FIAA
The Evolving Actuary

1998 – J R Trowbridge Bsc, BE, BA, FIA, FIAA
Pathways to the Future

1997 – T J Matthews MA, FIA, ASA
Shaping the Next Century

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