Using data analytics to deliver trusted insight and commercial strategy

That Actuaries are recognised as experts in data analytics not only in financial services but in all industries. That Actuaries are sought after for their trusted insights and commercial strategies

To support and promote Actuaries working in data analytics by providing lifelong learning opportunities, thought-leadership and promoting our expertise in data analytics to business and government leaders.

Data Analytics Practice Committee

The data analytics space is a rapidly evolving area with broad reaching applications. The advent of big data has led to an explosion in captured data, analytics approaches and businesses harnessing this data to create new industries or reinvent the way existing industries operate.

There is a large opportunity for the profession to make a significant contribution to data analytics in Australia and globally. International actuarial associations also recognise the importance of data analytics and are in varying stages of development.
There are four main areas of focus:
  1.  Vision - Determine a strategic vision for Actuaries
  2.  Actuarial Community - Develop a community for Actuaries working in data analytics
  3.  Education - Investigate short, medium and long-term qualification and CPD requirements
  4.  Employer engagement - Better understand the needs of employers
The Data Analytics Practice Committee has been working together since early 2015 on a number of foundations in collaboration with the membership, employers and the broader data analytics community.

Normal Deviance

A bi-monthly column on Data Analytics in Actuaries Digital by Actuary, Hugh Miller.

Normal Deviance - a column on Data Analytics


The actuarial skillset is well positioned to contribute to data analytics, and many actuaries are making significant contributions today in the areas of financial services, loyalty schemes, retail, telecommunications and technology. 

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2019 Data Forum

Presentations and videos are now available

Plenary 1 - Design and Implementation of Cutting-Edge Pricing Systems
Francis Burgess, TAL - View slides, or watch video
Michelle Lam, Quantium - View slides, or watch video
Plenary 2 - Maximising your Data's ROI
Sue Kong, KPMG Acturial - View slides, or watch video
Echo Huang, Munich Re - View slides, or watch video
Plenary 3 - Natural Language Processing, Conversational AI and Data Driven Future
Sam Zheng, Curious Thing - View slides, or watch video

Keynote and Plenary Speakers