Plenary Overview

Plenary Overview

Plenary 1: General Insurance Landscape and Outlook

The General Insurance market is currently in a state of change, with increased globalisation, customer-first marketing and innovation in product strategies changing the way insurers do business. In this session, a diverse range of plenary speakers will explore the current landscape of General Insurance in Australia together with the industry's future outlook.

Plenary 2: Technological change and its Impact on General Insurance

Technology is changing the way we live our lives in many ways, through social media, mobile GPS and the use of apps for communicating, shopping and travelling just to name a few. In this session, speakers will explore how some of the technological changes taking place and those predicted will impact General Insurance.

Plenary 3: Data Analytics: Bottom Up or Top Down?

As the focus on data analytics sweeps through the corporate world, there is a relentless pursuit from the C-Suite to develop a truly insight-driven business, with huge focus on visualisation tools, big data analytics and the generation of customer level insights. Advancements in the ability to use data are challenging the traditional actuarial approaches to business problems. In this session speakers will explore the rise of analytics in GI, the extent to which it is embraced by the actuarial community and current and future impact on actuaries.

Plenary 4: The Changing Role of Actuaries

The traditional role of actuaries is evolving alongside the changes in the industry, and "non-traditional" roles for Actuaries are evolving within the data analytics and business strategy space. In this session, speakers from a range of backgrounds will give their perspectives on how actuaries can best utilise their skills in this evolving market. Speakers will also share insights on how their roles in their companies have changed over time and how the recruitment market is also changing.