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Download the Green Paper, The Impact of Big Data on the Future of Insurance which explores how big data is transforming the insurance industry.

Commissioned by the Institute and written by Deloitte Australia, with significant contributions from our Practice Committees and Working Groups, this report considers the issues that will face society as insurers price policies on a more individualised risk basis.

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Every day, Australians generate a vast amount of data. Virtually everything we do online, and increasingly offline, leaves a digital trail which can be linked and analysed. It’s no surprise big data and the insights it reveals is transforming the insurance industry. For starters, insurers will understand risks more clearly, while many consumers will benefit from more relevant products and fairer premiums. But government will need to tackle issues of affordability and privacy to protect society, especially the vulnerable. All is revealed in The Impact of Big Data on the Future of Insurance. See who’s already harnessing this wealth of information – and how your company could join them.

The world isn’t black and white, but business decisions are. When you need clarity in a complex world, you need an actuary.

Read The Impact of Big Data on the Future of Insurance now.

Actuary Elayne Grace on the increase of health and lifestyle data and how it is transforming the way insurance is written.

Actuary Kaise Stephan on the risk big data presents to 'uninsurable' people, whose risks are largely outside their control.

Actuary Marc Mer on how big data allows insurers to offer better risk signals, to proactively reduce customer risks and premiums.

Actuary Paul Swinhoe on the challenge of data privacy and what increased data means for insurance affordability.

David Bell, CEO of the Actuaries Institute, on the rise of big data and why the role of actuaries is more important than ever.

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