Actuaries Explain

Everyday actuaries take on important challenges. In 2014 when the See what we see campaign launched, we gave some actuaries another challenge - explaining what they do.

From traditional to wider fields, watch as several actuaries talk about the valuable contribution they make to businesses around Australia and how in their capacity as an actuary they have made a positive difference.

Mitch Prevett
Principal, The Quantium Group

Big data – delivering insights for UBank and their customers.

Hoa Bui
Partner, KPMG

Uncertain events – helping government formulate a carbon policy.

Siddarth Parameswaran
Insurance and Diversified Financials Equity Analyst, JP Morgan

Investments – advising Fund Managers on their investments in insurance companies.

Sophie Dyson and Kirsten Armstrong
Directors, Three Rivers Consulting

Health care – assisting the NSW government understand future health expenditure.

Anton Kapel
CFO Life and Appointed Actuary at Challenger

Business risk – advising clients on business acquisitions.

Rade Musulin
Chief Executive Officer, FBAAlliance Insurance

Natural disasters – helping business to evaluate their exposure to extreme events.

Martin Stevenson
Director, M. A. Stevenson & Co

Superannuation – enabling government to manage their financial liabilities.