“40% of actuaries expect to undertake a non-traditional role during their career.”
- Institute Survey

What does an actuary do?

Many actuaries use their skills in analysis and problem solving in the traditional areas of insurance, superannuation and investment, while others work in consulting firms, delivering actuarial and other services to big organisations.

Being an Actuary is one of the highest paid professions and graduate actuaries are highly employable, you’ll enjoy great street cred in the business world. Many Actuaries achieve senior executive roles - CEO, Head of Risk, Lead Partner, Chief Actuary are some examples. Plus, being an Actuary consistently ranks highly as one of the top careers in the world.

Those people who become actuaries are not necessarily the smartest people, they’re the people who fail an exam, and get back up and do it again
Kirsten Flynn, FIAA

It takes a huge amount of study, but more importantly, it takes persistence and determination. Actuarial training doesn't just prepare you for one of the most desirable jobs in the world, it also teaches you how to succeed in life. If you can qualify as an Actuary, there is nothing out there you can't achieve if you put your mind to it.

Below, recently qualified actuaries each answer six questions. Hear from those who met the challenge.

What do you love about being an actuary?

You can actually use your numbers and think in a numerical way to solve...some real juicy, meaty problems
Arun Isaac, AIAA, BSc

What do you do in your current job as an actuary?

I do a lot of work around value, so how much our business is worth; how much all the policies we’ve sold are going to give us in profit in the future.
Kirsten Flynn, FIAA

How do people react when you tell them you're an actuary?

People ask if I'm an actor, if it's something to do with birds...i think they were getting confused with aviary... 
Scott Duncan, FIAA

What's a common misconception about Actuaries?

We're all very dull and boring people, which I haven't met a single actuary that is!
Avanti Patki, BActStud BSc

How were the exams?

It’s about questions that you’ve never read before, but you’ve got the training to solve.
Stephen Lee, FIAA BCom. BEc

How did you celebrate when you passed the exams?

Just have a social Life!
Gloria Yu, FIAA, BCom, MAICD, LMusA, LRSM