Injury schemes face the ongoing challenge of improving the outcomes for injured people, while balancing the need to remain financially sound, affordable and sustainable. Over recent years, workers’ compensation and compulsory third party insurance schemes in Australia have undergone significant reform in order to achieve this balance.

Meanwhile, the National Disability Insurance Scheme is changing the landscape in Australia around disability support and funding. Care for catastrophically injured people, regardless of fault, has also been a recent focus for CTP schemes around the country as the fundamentals of the National Injury Insurance Scheme are more broadly adopted.

At the heart of every scheme are the injured and disabled, on their own journey to recovery or managing their long-term health conditions, seeking to improve the quality of their lives. These were some of the key areas addressed by the Seminar’s theme - Road to Recovery.

The Seminar was held at the Adelaide Hilton Hotel from Sunday 8 to Tuesday 10 November 2015 and provided an opportunity for actuaries, scheme administrators, and injury and disability specialists to meet and discuss the experiences, challenges and opportunities for injury schemes across Australasia.

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