Scribe Gallery

Graphic Recording artist, Tatum Kenna, live illustrates all the plenary session discussions at the 2023 International Congress of Actuaries. Browse the live scribe recordings below.
These live recordings will be available on Monday 29 May. Check back then! 

Tatum Kenna

Graphic Recording | Strategic Visualisation  
President of Graphic Recorders Australia  
m. 0431444230 | e. | 
Instagram: Tatum.Kenna  
As one of Australia’s leading graphic recorders, Tatum is passionate about helping businesses bridge the gap between communication and comprehension through visualisation. By combining an expertise of artistry, business communications and synthesis, Tatum translates complex ideas into simple and compelling visuals in real time.  
With a bachelor's degree in business communications and over ten years’ experience, Tatum has captured conversations globally for leading organisations across industries in both the public and private sector.  
Tatum is active in developing the graphic recording industry and is currently serving as the President of Graphic Recorders Australia.