We’d like to again congratulate our prize winners for the incredible research and discussion included within their papers, and to Thomas Herbin who took out the Young Actuaries World Cup. Well done!

Prizes were given at ICA2023 to presenters who submitted outstanding papers in various areas. Our winners were:

Best Researcher/s Under the Age of 35

Yafei (Patricia) Wang, for the paper  Predictive ML and XAI for Underwriting Life and Health Insurance

Actuarial Consulting/IACA

Chun-Ming Ma (George), for the paper A Stochastic Analysis of Policies Related to Funding of Defined Benefit Pension Plans

General Insurance/Non-Life/P&C/ASTIN

Pietro Parodi and Derek Thrumble, for the paper Loss Modelling from First Principles Working Party Report


Jamaal Ahmad, Mogens Bladt and Christian Furrer, for the paper Aggregate Markov models in life insurance: properties and valuation

Risk Management/AFIR/ERM

Hervé Andrès, for the paper Signature-based validation of real-world economic scenarios


Akio Yamaki, for the paper New normal after COVID-19 – observations on medical care expenditure in Japan

Pensions and Social Security/Super/PBSS

Vivian Dang and Young Tan, for the paper Pooled Contingent Annuity A low-cost solution to account-based pensions' Achilles heel

Investment, Wealth, Finance and Banking

Naoki Sunamoto, for the paper A Study on Regime Shift in Stock Market during the Pandemic

Professionalism, Ethics and Actuarial Education

Simon Louw and Lusani Mulaudzi, for the paper Serving the public interest through the Public Interest Actuary.