Prizes will be given at ICA2023 to presenters who submit outstanding papers in various areas.

One prize will be available in each of the following eleven areas:

  • Best Overall Paper
  • Best Researcher/s Under the Age of 35
  • Actuarial Consulting/IACA
  • General Insurance/Non-Life/P&C/ASTIN
  • Life/IAALS
  • AFIR/ERM/Risk Management
  • Health/IAAHS
  • Pensions and Social Security/Super/PBSS
  • Data Analytics
  • Investment, Wealth, Finance and Banking
  • Professionalism, Ethics and Actuarial Education

ICA2023 reserves the right not to award any of the above prizes.

Prize Criteria

To be eligible for the above prizes, papers must meet the following criteria:

  • Submitted on or before 30 April 2023.
  • Must not exceed 40 pages.
  • Written in English.
  • Has not been accepted for publication elsewhere, prior to submission.

To meet the criteria for the young researcher prize, all authors also must be under the age of 35 as at 1 January 2023.

The following will be considered when determining prize winners:

  • Relevance: How practical is this research to actuarial work?
  • Quality: Does this research meet the required standard for an ICA presentation?
  • Originality: How new or interesting is this research?
  • Value: How valuable is this research to the profession, community, or industry?
  • Future: Are their clear next steps to further develop this research?

Review Process

Papers that meet the criteria will be reviewed by actuaries with appropriate experience and background, representing the International Actuarial Association (IAA) and the Actuaries Institute Australia.

Prizes will be announced at the ICA2023 Closing Ceremony on Wednesday, 31 May 2023.