Keynote and Plenary Program


OPENING Keynote: Ring the bell twice for change – Dame Inga Beale DBE

Dame Inga Beale DBE is a lifelong insurance expert who’s been a member of the Zurich Group Management Board and was its Global Chief Underwriting Officer. She was the Group CEO at the Lloyd's insurer, Canopius, and from 2014-2018 was the CEO of Lloyds of London – the first woman to hold that role in its 325-year history.

In her must-see ICA2023 opening keynote, Dame Inga will talk about the power of hearing different voices within an organisation. About how she modernised a centuries-old insurance marketplace and took it into high-growth economies like India, the UAE and China. And about the emerging, complex risk landscape facing business and society in the 2020s. This session will inspire leaders to look for new opportunities as they build a "Bridge to Tomorrow".

  • Dame Inga Beale DBE – Portfolio Director & Former CEO of Lloyd’s (UK)

Closing Keynote: Fireside chat with brothers Alan and Anthony Joyce

Corporate Actuary at Medibank Anthony Joyce sits down with his brother, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce  to examine the challenges from the pandemic and its impact on the insurance industry and the broader global economy (along with an interesting family story or two!).

The closing keynote is set to be an insightful discussion on a range of issues including COVID-19 grounding the airline industry, job losses, dealing with criticism, and how a strong support system can make all the difference during the toughest of times. A not-to- be-missed event!

  • Alan Joyce – CEO, Qantas (Australia)
  • Anthony Joyce - Corporate Actuary, Medibank (Australia)


Tim Flannery and the serious business of climate change

Join an expert panel led by palaeontologist, environmentalist and Chief Councillor of the Australian Climate Council, Tim Flannery, for a discussion on the growing involvement of actuaries in climate policy. The panel will review the latest science, canvass environmental work by actuaries from around the globe and look at how actuaries are making a difference in the climate field in areas like insurance, emissions reporting and much more.

  • Chair: Elayne Grace — CEO, Actuaries Institute Australia (Australia)
  • Tim Flannery – Chief Councillor, Australian Climate Council (Australia)
  • Rade Musulin – Principal, Finity (Australia)
  • Natalie Hurtado – Co-Founder, Arteh (Australia)
  • Jacki Johnson  — Non-Executive Director (Australia)

Customers: trust betrayed and trust regained

Bad conduct is one of the biggest risks facing financial services firms. Join Kenneth Hayne, Amanda Stevens, Roosevelt Mosley and Andy Agathangelou as they explore when bad conduct turns to crisis, the price paid in money and reputation, consumer expectations, what the future consumer will be demanding and what it all means for actuaries.

  • Chair: Nicolette Rubinsztein — Non-Executive Director
  • Amanda Stevens – Consumer Futurist (Australia)
  • Roosevelt Mosely – President, Casualty Actuarial Society/Principal, Pinnacle Actuarial Resources (USA)
  • The Hon Kenneth Hayne AC – Former Justice of the High Court of Australia (Australia)
  • Andy Agathangelou – Founder, Transparency Task Force (UK)


IFRS17, a truly global standard, has been in development for years and finally takes effect on 1 January 2023. In this session, Dr Andreas Barckow, Chairman of the International Accounting Standards Board, and a panel of analysts, preparers and regulators, will discuss the progress of data collection for IFRS17, the upcoming first issue of IFRS17 results and the implications the new standard has for actuaries working in everything from investment management to pricing, to product development and regulation.

  • Chair: Anne Driver – Accountant, Member - International TRG, Chair - Australian TRG, and Member - Actuaries Institute IFRS 17 Taskforce (Australia)
  • Nick Dexter – Senior Advisor, Prudential Regulation Authority (UK)
  • Dr Andreas Barckow – Chairman, International Accounting Standards Board (UK)
  • Marika Guralnik – Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE (Estonia)
  • Tony Silverman – Director, AM Best (UK)


Much has been learned from the COVID-19 pandemic with industries and societies now working out what "Living with Covid" means. Before the pandemic, health experts around the world had plans, some of which worked better than others in managing illness, the economy and society as a whole.

In this session, a panel of experts look at what we can learn from the experience, both directly, for managing future pandemics, and indirectly as lessons for other crises and wider societal issues. They explore what others have learned, the importance of listening to experts, and how experts can work with policy makers to help make better decisions before and during a crisis.  

  • Stuart McDonald MBE – Co founder of the Covid-19 Actuaries Response Group and Head of Demographic Assumptions & Methodology, Partner LCP (UK)
  • Maia Gould – Strategic Services Lead, ANU School of Cybernetics
  • Chair: Hitesh Shah - Member of Council, IFoA/Independent Non-Executive Director, SCOR

The Impact of Asia’s Ascent on Global Financial Services

Asia’s growing influence on global financial industries has undoubtedly changed the way many do business. To give you a wider perspective on Asia’s growth, prominent Australian TV journalist and commentator, Stan Grant, who spent 10 years living in China and Hong Kong, will host a session with some of Asia’s leading voices in the booming sector and what it means for those in Asia and the rest of the world. 

Panellists will discuss a range of hot-button issues such as the scale of Asian markets, what makes Asian markets unique, ethics and privacy differences, the higher rates of digital adoption, and the opportunities and risks 5 - 10 years from now.


  • Stan Grant – One of Australia’s most respected and awarded journalists and writers.


  • Alex Kimura – Partner, McKinsey & Company (Singapore)
  • Annette King – Past President, Actuaries Institute Australia/Non-Executive Director (Australia)
  • Jonathan Larsen – Chief Innovation Office, Ping An Group (Hong Kong SAR)
Additional panellists to be confirmed.

Outcome Focused Analytics – Moving AI from the White Paper to the Board Paper

Actuaries are increasingly learning and getting involved in the growing number of industries that are starting to rely more and more on AI technologies to be faster, more efficient, and accurate. But does the cost and time of including AI tech into practice really pay off? And can it really answer all business problems? In this session, a panel of speakers will review disruption technology, such as AI, and will look at how it's measured and makes it palatable for board members and senior leaders to adopt. They will explore why measuring an outcome can be just as difficult as achieving the outcome and look at real world examples of measurement taking place.

  • Rachel Wells– Senior Manager, Center of Excellence, Datakind (USA)
  • Sri Amabati – CEO, H20.AI (USA)
  • Roosevelt Mosely – President, Casualty Actuarial Society/Principal, Pinnacle Actuarial Resources (USA)

Professionalism: Failures, Consequences & Answers

Navigating the ethical boundaries of actuarial work has long been a major topic of discussion. As the profession faces rapid disruption from emerging markets and technology across a wide range of industries, the ethical discussion can sometimes fade into the background. In this session, our experts dive into what the public’s expectations are of a profession that prides itself on being ethical and responsible, and the challenges that come with it.

The session will explore failures in professionalism (including from actuarial services) and discuss the inherent issues, consequences and possible solutions to prevent such failures.


  • Helen Rowell – Deputy Chair, Australia Prudential Regulation Authority (Australia)


  • Deen Sanders OAM – Ethics and Professionalism Leader, Deloitte Governance, Regulation and Conduct Group/ Inaugural CEO of FASEA (Australia)
  • Simone Braithwaite – President, Caribbean Actuarial Association/Senior Principal, Oliver Wyman Actuarial (Barbados)
  • David Minty – Senior Consultant, Finity Consulting and Member, Actuaries Institute Professional Practice Committee (Australia)
  • Tan Suee Chieh – Past President, IFoA (Singapore)
  • John Robinson – President-Elect and Vice Chair, Society of Actuaries (USA)

Meeting the Climate Risk Challenge – How the Actuarial Profession is Making a Difference

Climate risk is an important and fast-developing aspect of actuaries’ work. The IAA’s Climate Risk Task Force (CRTF) has moved quickly to help actuaries to get to grips with the range of challenges that climate risk presents.

In this session, the authors of the CRTF papers will provide a summary of the climate-related papers published to date by the IAA, as well as some insight into the contents of the papers that are in the making. We would like to discuss any comments that colleagues have on the papers published to date and hear any thoughts on what additional papers the CRTF could develop.

  • Gabor Hanak– Director, KPMG (Hungary)
  • Barbara D'Ambrogi-Ola– Chief Actuary, Director, Actuarial and Analytical Services, Ilmarinen (Finland)
  • Evelyn Yong– Consultant, Finity (Australia)
  • R Dale Hall– Managing Director of Research, Society of Actuaries Research Institute (USA)
  • Darren Fleming– Associate Director, Deloitte (New Zealand)
  • Aisling Kennedy– Independent Non-Executive Director/ Chair of Audit Committee, State Street (Ireland)
  • Sharanjit Paddam– Principal, Climate & ESG Risk, Finity (Australia)


Ageing populations are placing greater strains on health, pension and social services program across the globe. The social contract whereby working populations effectively pay for the young and very old is coming under pressure and this will continue as demographics worsen over the remainder of this century.

How will countries navigate the stresses arising from these profound changes? Can history teach us how nations can resolve the economics and social equity tensions which arising between different generations?

Leading US historian, economist, and demographer, Neil Howe will deliver a keynote address which explores these issues. Neil will also join us for a panel session where these themes are discussed with leading experts from Australia and Europe.

  • Roseanne Harris - Health Policy Actuary, Discovery Health (South Africa)
  • Neil Howe — Historian, Economist and Demographer (USA)
  • Chair: Nick Callil - Head of Retirement Solutions Australia, Willis Towers Watson (Australia)

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