As young professionals, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest developments in Australia’s constantly evolving general insurance industry. From sharing economies to CTP reforms, there are plenty of opportunities for young actuaries to utilise their specialised skill set. 

This year, the GI Glimpse seminar will cover a wide breadth of the general insurance industry, from exciting developments in new areas of insurance to the changing landscape of long-tail insurance. Along with a range of industry experts joining our sessions, this seminar offers an excellent opportunity to meet, network and share your experiences with your peers.


Win-Li Toh

Keynote Address

Elaine Collins – Actuarial Career

Actuaries are well-known to have strong intellectual, mathematical and problem-solving skills – the hard skills. Learning how to supplement these hard skills with soft skills, will provide any aspiring actuary with a considerable competitive advantage in their career. It will aid in commercial thinking and effective communication, particularly on the key themes underlying analysis.

In this keynote session, Elaine Collins talks about the importance of soft skills in adding value to hard skills and provides a different perspective on career growth. She will share her personal career experience with participants and explore the different ways of mastering soft skills.

Plenary 1: 2017 Industry Insights

Win-Li Toh - Principal, Taylor Fry
Kevin Gomes - Principal, Taylor Fry

Want to get up to speed on the latest developments and future outlook for the GI Industry? This plenary reflects on the year that has passed and contemplates what to expect on the horizon. As the market ebbs and flows, catch a glimpse of how the industry prospects stack up in this GI update.

Plenary 2: The Changing Face of the General Insurance Industry

Jonathan Shen - Senior Manager Data Science, Suncorp
Will Scully-Power -  Co-Founder & CEO of PASCAL51

In this plenary, catch a glimpse of some select areas of change impacting the short-tail general insurance sector in Australia. Considering the far-reaching impact of technology and data, Jonathan Shen will be exploring “the internet of things”, particularly highlighting an application of how this can impact short tail lines of general insurance business.  Then, Co-Founder of Datarati, Will Scully-Power will discuss how general insurers could use Insuretech, machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve their competitive advantage and change the way they do business in the new world of technology and data.

Plenary 3:  The Long Tail Story Short

John Jeaitani - Actuarial Analyst, Finity
Susie Amos – Principal, Finity
Jessica Twigg - Director, National Disability Insurance Agency Sustainability Team

This plenary aims to give an update to the long tail classes. John Jeaitani will provide an update on the statutory Compulsory Third Party (CTP) business – a ‘traditional’ long tail class. Susie Amos will expand into the experience of Financial lines, as well as the emerging Cyber class.


Elaine Collins

Susie Amos

Jessica Twigg

John Jeaitani

Kevin Gomes

Will Scully-Power

Jonathan Shen


You will have the opportunity to network with colleagues and speakers during the lunch which will be held after the seminar.