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Program Snapshot

wednesday 31 october 2018

10.00am Registration Opens and Morning Tea
 10.20am Opening Remarks
Senior Vice President, Nicolette Rubinsztein

Weapons of Mass Deduction – Data Analytics Video Competition (sponsored by Quantium, SKL and Taylor Fry) – Award Presentation
Elayne Grace to present

Finalists: Andrew Xu, Minh Phan, Queenie Chow

10.40am Opening Keynote - An Overview of the Data Analytics Landscape
Dr Eugene Duborssarsky
Chair: Elayne Grace

Plenary 1: Analytics Transformation: Ingredients of success
Natalie Nguyen, CEO, Hyper Anna
Ash Nair. Head of Data and Anaytics, QBE Australia & New Zealand
Farhan Baluch, Senior Data Scientist, Netflix

Chair: Basem Morris

Analytics transformation goes beyond models and technology. Taking into account the whole-of-business view, appreciating the broader context and effectively executing on a well thought-through strategy are critical to achieving success. In this plenary, our panel of experts will talk about their transformational experience and tackle a range of questions including:

  • What are the components of analytics transformation?
  • What skillsets are critical in designing and executing successful analytics transformation?
  • How can you ensure that analytics transformation is Real?
  • How to measure success?
  • What are some success stories and lessons learned?
12.30pm Microtalk 1: LightGBM – another powerful package to add to your machine learning toolkit
Zeming Yu - Actuarial Manager, Cover-More Travel Insurance

Chair: Jonathan Shen

LightGBM is a gradient boosting framework that uses tree based learning algorithms. Along with XGBoost, it is one of the most popular GBM packages used in Kaggle competitions. It offers similar accuracy as XGBoost but can be much faster to run, which allows you to try a lot of different ideas in the same timeframe. This is especially relevant for the business world where timely delivery and fast iterations are often more important than pure model accuracy.

In this talk Zeming will go through some LightGBM code snippets based on the Kaggle competition “Porto Seguro’s Safe Driver Prediction”. He will then discuss how LightGBM can be used to solve business problems including:

  • Detect business mix changes
  • Approximate retail rates and build a rough “rating engine”
  • Detect claim size outliers
1.40pm  Plenary 2: Data Governance Under the Microscope
Tommy Viljoen - National Lead Partner, Cyber Risk Services Strategy and Governance, Deloitte

Dean Joscelyne - Founder, IXUP

Chair: Rob Deutsch

The data governance space is undergoing rapid changes with landmark legislation and regulatory initiatives being implemented locally and overseas and high profile data governance breaches being exposed. The perceptions of ethical use of data and analytics are being challenged and all stakeholders are grappling with this changing environment. In this plenary, our panel of experts will explore these challenges and tackle a range of questions including:
  • What are the implications on organisations and individuals of the recent regulatory changes such as GDPR and Open Banking?
  • What other changes are coming and what are their likely impacts?
  • How have the high profile data governance breaches impacted the data analytics landscape?
  • How to maximise the value of data while also managing privacy and security concerns and risks?
  • How to future-proof data governance in an organisation?
2.30pm  Microtalk 2Model interpretation and explanation
Joshua Jaroudy - Director, Taylor Fry

Chair: Jonathan Shen

As modelling algorithms become more complex, it becomes increasingly difficult for the modeller to understand how their model is forming its predictions. This impacts not only the modeller’s ability to appropriately fit and tune the model, but also to explain its output to stakeholders – both internal and external to the business. In this micro talk we will look at an R package which provides tools to help interpret and explain model predictions for both the modeller and other stakeholders.


Plenary 3: Staying Relevant in the Digital [or "analytic"] Age
Dr Liming Zhu, Research director, Software & Computational Systems, Data61, CSIRO

Jodie Sangster – CMO Liaison - Asia Pacific, IBM Watson Customer Engagement
Kari Mastropasqu - EGM Data and Analytics, Equifax          

Chair: Aaron Cutter

Technology and regulation are constantly evolving, forcing companies to adapt to customers' expectations while simultaneously creating opportunities for disruption. In this plenary, leading experts will provide an overview of the current landscape and what we can expect in future. Some of the questions we will tackle are:

  • How will blockchain shape the financial services industry?
  • How have open banking and GDPR affected Europe, and what are the implications for Australia, with open banking, open insurance and open data on the horizon?
  • How is data science being used to deliver innovative customer experiences?
4.00pm Afternoon Tea
4.20pm Microtalk 3: An actuary's foray into text processing
Luke Heinrich 

Chair: Jonathan Shen

Modern data analytics involves digging through data from progressively more diverse sources and in increasingly complex formats. One example of this is free text data that could be sourced from customer feedback, their support requests, or various knowledge bases. In this microtalk we'll discuss gleaning insights and building models on top of this, and discuss some commercial use-cases.

Closing Keynote - Groundbreaking Technologies - Opportunities, Barriers and Risks
Professor Ann Williamson, Professor of Aviation Safety, UNSW

Chair: Bartosz Piwcewicz

Groundbreaking technologies continually threaten to deeply disrupt both businesses and society, but not all do. Any significant change comes with serious questions about feasibility, practicality, and the positive & negative impacts. These questions can be complex and may ultimately lead to a new technology itself being changed, or perhaps abandoned. In the closing keynote, Ann Williamson will examine different perspectives on one particular groundbreaking technology - autonomous vehicles and consider broader implications for other up-and-coming technologies.

5.30pm  Closing Remarks
Senior Vice President, Nicolette Rubinsztein
Networking Drinks 
6.30pm  End of Seminar 

Capability Framework Functions

Contribution to Business Strategy Contribution to Business Strategy
Leadership Leadership
Actuarial Approach to Problem Solving Actuarial Approach to Problem Solving
Valuing Uncertain Future Cashflow Valuing Uncertain Future Cash Flow
Risk Management Risk Management
Professional Governance Professional Governance
Product Development, Management and Pricing Product Development, Management and Pricing
Investment Advice and Governance Investment Advice and Governance