ann williamson  Ann Williamson

Professor Ann Williamson's research is in the area of human factors, primarily focussing on two related areas; the effects of fatigue and the role of human error in injury and safety. Professional Activities: Professor Williamson has a significant track record of research in safety especially in the areas of workplace and road safety. 

After working as a Research Scientist for the NSW Government in the Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Occupational Health, she moved to the National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety where she was Principal Research Scientist and Head of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Unit. During her time at the Institute, Ann developed a reputation for her work in a number of areas relating to injury, in particular for her work on fatigue and working hours especially involving long distance road transport; her work on the role of behaviour in the causes of injury; and work on the neurobehavioural effects of exposure to workplace hazards. This work has continued following her move to the University of New South Wales, where Ann established the NSW Injury Risk Management Research Centre and was Deputy Director. 

Ann has published extensively in the scientific literature and also been an invited speaker at a wide range of national and international conferences and an invited member of a number of government committees on road and workplace safety. Ann's contributions to the area of injury prevention also include membership of the board of the Journal of Safety Research and regular reviewing for a number of scientific journals and granting bodies.
dr eugene

Dr. Eugene Dubossarsky
Principal Founder
Australia New Zealand Data Analytics Network

Dr. Dubossarsky is the principal founder of The Australia New Zealand Data Analytics Network, a community of meetup groups across the region with over 14,600 members, and includes the 5000+ member Data Science Sydney group among others. He is a data science leader of over 20 years commercial experience. In business, he is the CEO of Presciient, providing elite data science training to hundreds in Australia and overseas over the last 5 years, and now offering courses in quantum computing. He is the Chief Data Scientist of AlphaZetta, a global analytics consultancy spanning 41 countries with over 460 consultants globally. He is a founding partner of Advantage Data, a leading Australian analytics consultancy,  Aurum Data, a new data valuation and commercialisation firm, and reask.earth an environemental catastrophe risk modelling company. He is also the principal data science advisor to a growing number of technology start-ups covering the fields of banking, entertainment, medicine, sports and insurance.

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Ash Nair
Head of Data and Analytics
QBE Australia and New Zealand

Ash is the Head of Data and Analytics at QBE’s Australia New Zealand Operations. In this role he is responsible for overseeing the entire end-to-end Data and Analytics function from leading Data strategy and governance through to implementing big data technology and delivering business outcomes using data science. Ash is a senior executive with over 20+ years of experience in  management consulting and driving data driven decision making across financial services, government, travel, utilities and retail industries.

He has extensive experience in leading complex technology transformation programmes,  formulating and executing Advanced Analytics strategies, building data driven solutions and delivering business consulting to top corporate institutions in Australia and New Zealand. 

Tom Viljoen 

Tommy Viljoen
Partner, National Lead Partner Cyber Risk Strategy and Governance
Deloitte Risk Advisory Pty Ltd

Tommy Viljoen is the Deloitte Australia Cyber Risk Services Strategy and Governance leader based in Sydney. Tommy has close to 30 years of experience in Information Technology, IT Risk and Cyber Security governance at Deloitte. He has accumulated extensive experience in the management, design, development and implementation of cyber security and risk management programs.

Tommy has helped business executives and IT leaders across industry sectors align cyber security strategies with business risks. He’s helped many organisations mature their overall security posture; including designing and integrating secure IT, identity and access management and data protection. Tommy has worked with large enterprises, across many industries helping them implement Secure, Vigilant and Resilient strategies, governance frameworks, policies, procedures and end-to-end cyber security programs.

Over the last few years Tommy’s primary focus has been helping clients with the development and implementation of cyber risk and privacy strategies and solutions, including, Information Security Management Systems, cyber threat management programs, cyber monitoring solutions, cloud solutions, third party strategies, secure by design solutions and Privacy and GDPR programs.

liming Dr. Liming Zhu 
Research Director 
Software & Computational Systems, Data61, CSIRO
Conjoint Full Professor
School of CSE, UNSW

Dr/Prof. Liming Zhu is a Research Director at Data61, CSIRO. He is also a conjoint full professor at University of New South Wales (UNSW). He is the chairperson of Standards Australia's blockchain and distributed ledger committee. His research program has more than 200 people innovating in the area of big data platforms, computational science, blockchain, regulation technology, privacy and cybersecurity. He has published more than 150 academic papers on software architecture, secure systems and data analytics infrastructure.   
Jodie Sangster Jodie Sangster CMO Liaison Lead – IBM Watson

Jodie is the Asia Pacific CMO Liaison Lead for IBM Watson Customer Engagement. Jodie is a leading data-driven marketing specialist and qualified lawyer (specialising in privacy and data protection) whose experience spans over 20 years, including roles in the US, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Prior to IBM, Jodie was the CEO of The Alliance for Data Leadership (AADL), a network of industry associations representing and assisting over 1000 organisations to excel in data-driven and digital marketing, analytics and data governance.
The Associations include:
o The Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA),
o The Institute for Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA),
o Digital + Technology Collective (DTC); and
o Data Governance Australia (DGA).

She has also held roles as SVP Global Development for the Direct Marketing Association (USA) and Chief Privacy Officer for Acxiom (Asia Pacific).

Jodie chairs the Global Alliance of Data-Driven Marketing Associations (GDMA), a consortium of 27 data-driven marketing associations around the world with a mandate to advance and champion responsible global marketing and advertising. She is also a non-Executive Director on the Board of Amaysim, Australia’s fourth largest telco.
Farhan Baluch Farhan Baluch
Farhan is an experienced data scientist who most recently worked at Netflix in the content science and algorithms team. During his tenure at Netflix he i) developed models to predict demand for movies and TV shows prior to their release on the service ii) designed and developed infrastructure to support the development and deployment of hundreds of statistical models into production and iii) supported a wide variety of business decisions through predictive analytics. Prior to Netflix he worked at Opera Solutions where he used machine learning approaches to solve problems in a wide variety of domains, including telecommunications and the automobile industry. He received his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science with distinction from the University of Western Sydney, before completing his Master's in Computer Science at the University of Houston. He obtained a Ph.D. in Computational Neuroscience at the University of Southern California in 2013. His dissertation focused on the neural mechanisms of visual attention. A combined interest in artificial intelligence, original intelligence, and data led him to pursue a career in data science.
Kari Mastropasqua

Kari Mastropasqua is a forward thinking analytics professional with over 15 years’ experience in the field. She is a people focused leader who creates impact through being market led, evolving organisation capabilities and educating on the power of data and analytics to drive better decision making.

Kari’s career started in academia where she taught undergraduate statistics. In the commercial setting Kari has held several roles from analytic solution development, analytic consulting through to senior management across a variety of sectors including financial services, utilities, insurance, airlines and retail. In each of her roles her approach has been agnostic and not from a particular specialism. Her focus is on identifying and understanding the market problem then helping her customers to better utilize data assets to drive value through analytics.

In her current role as EGM Data &Analytics A/NZ she leads a team of 75+ data and analytic professionals who provide insights that make a difference to Equifax clients across the region.

Natalie Nguyen

Natalie Nguyen is the CEO of Hyper Anna, the company that builds the smartest AI powered data analyst. Natalie is passionate about product design, machine learning and experimental data visualisation.  Since co-founding Hyper Anna in the beginning of 2016, Natalie has led the company to build a viable beta product within 6 months, raised over 17M in the first 24 months and currently Hyper Anna is servicing large enterprises within the financial services industry in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong

Prior to Hyper Anna, Natalie worked as a data scientist and has a foundation in digital product design and data visualisation. Natalie is a self taught engineer and loves challenging the unknown.

Dean Joscelyne

Dean Joscelyne is an Australian technology entrepreneur who founded IXUP in 2011, taking it from a start-up to a listing on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2017. He is currently an Executive Director of IXUP Limited.

IXUP’s success is a testament to Dean’s insights into the role data has come to play. He combined business acumen with his vision to find new ways for organisations derive business-critical insights from their data. The outcome is a patented suite of enterprise solutions that enables organisations to work together on their data in a secure, uniquely encrypted environment.

Dean’s vision fueled his commitment to create a security-focused solution, while his determination and unorthodox approach to problems have shaped the way he has successfully addressed some of the thorniest issues facing organisations today: how to make the most of the vast data they accumulate safely, and in line with new and emerging regulations.

Dean has built a track record of innovation over the past 25 years. In 2007, he established digital agency Destria, which counted among its clients many leading blue-chip companies in the financial services, telecommunications, IT and pharmaceutical sectors. Destria was an early adopter of digital technology, responding to Dean’s prediction about the evolution of media from print to digital. Being ahead of the trend allowed Destria to secure significant business, while the rest of the industry faced a significant GFC-related contraction. 


Zeming Yu 

Zeming Yu
Actuarial Manager
Cover-More Travel insurance

Zeming is an Actuarial Manager at Cover-More Travel Insurance (now part of Zurich). He is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia with particular interests in predictive modelling, data analytics and blockchain. 

Josh Jaroudy  Josh Jaroudy
Taylor Fry

Josh is an actuary with a keen interest in data analytics, predictive modelling and machine learning. He is a Director at Taylor Fry, managing the delivery of analytics projects for clients across a range of industries including insurance, aviation and loyalty schemes. Josh regularly trains and upskills analytics professionals in modern statistical and machine learning techniques.  
Luke Heinrich  Luke Heinrich
Senior Analyst

Luke is a nearly-qualified actuary and analyst at Atlassian, where he builds insights and systems across diverse sources of data to support product development, support and marketing. Luke has a keen interest in productionised machine learning and its use in driving commercial outcomes.