actuarial domains




You’re a leader. You influence the strategic direction of an organisation across the breadth of its operations.

Actuaries in this domain are sought out for their multidisciplinary skill set and commercial acumen. Your thinking is grounded in mastery of the data and a clear view of risk.

You use data for good by guiding your organisation to optimise their future position. Balancing interests and mapping scenarios, you show the impact on your organisation’s contribution and bottom line — now and in the years ahead.


Actuarial Data Lab 

You’re embedded in an industry, bringing the actuarial skill set to solve specific problems. You may work in commerce, predictive analytics, or any field where engaging deeply with the data drives better results.

You’re trusted for your expertise and the rigorous process you follow. You strive for technical mastery and are constantly optimising your practice. 

You use data for good by guiding organisations on the decisions they make with the evidence at hand. You help them manage risk. You help them consider the degree of confidence they need to take a path.




Actuaries in Public Policy

You harness the actuarial skill set to drive  conversations on the big questions that shape our society. 

Whether you work in government, or as an adviser, you’re deeply interested in questions of equity across social groups and generations. You model broad policy concepts and show what’s possible, fair and financially sustainable. 

You use data for good by showing what a better future might look like. You quantify values. By mapping where our society is headed, and where we have opportunities to change our course.




As an Actuary, how do you use data for good?  Share your story and your words will become part of the data for good story, which we'll publish on the website over the next few months.