Young Data Analytics Working Group (YDAWG)


Jacky Poon

Jacky is the current Chair of the Young Data Analytics Working Group and the Head of Finance - nib Travel, the Travel Insurance division of nib Health Funds. He is an editor of the monthly Data Analytics Newsletter for Actuaries Institute members. He is also member of the IFoA Machine Learning Reserving Working Party and has a keen interest in research on the use of data analytics and machine learning techniques to complement the traditional actuarial skillset in insurance.


Ean Chan

Ean is a Senior Manager within EY's Actuarial Services team, with experience in Life Insurance and Data Analytics, primarily concentrating on Health and Human Services clients. As a member of the Institute's Young Data Analytics Working Group and formerly the Life Insurance Data Analytics Working Group, Ean is dedicated to driving progress in the actuarial field by augmenting our expertise with the latest data science and machine learning methodologies.


 Jin Cui

Jin is the Senior Manager, Data Analytics at TAL, where he applies a blend of data science and statistical technical to solve complex business problems. His passion lies in advancing data analytics use cases in the life insurance industry.

 Kriti-Khullar2da7f16c-99e4-4f2c-be50-1925cd99dee9 Kriti Khullar

Kriti is a Risk Intelligence Insights Lead at IAG with experience in provisioning, stress testing, credit risk portfolio reporting, risk data, risk systems, risk infrastructure, risk applications, divisional and enterprise-wide risk reporting for executive and Board audiences. She is an Associate Actuary with a keen interest in applying data analytics and the intelligence tradecraft to hone the future of risk management. 
Henry Ma

Henry Ma

Henry works in the Balance Sheet Risk Management team at Commonwealth Bank and is part of the Institute’s Young Data Analytics Working Group (yDAWG). He has experience in both traded and non-traded market risk, capital analysis and ALM topics. He is passionate about applying analytics to risk quantification and stress testing.

Jon Shen

Jon is the Head of Solutions Engineering at Arturo, a property intelligence company that empowers insurers to make faster and smarter decisions, backed by cutting-edge AI. Jon uses data to make financial services easier for consumers. He has designed and delivered successful initiatives across all areas of insurance and banking, including pricing, customer personalisation, claims operations, web and mobile app development, and automation. Jon graduated from UNSW with first class honours and the University Medal in Actuarial Studies. He has been the Independent Examiner for the Data Science Applications Fellowship subject since its inception, and is a member of the Institute’s Data Science Practice Committee. In 2022 Jon was recognised as one of the Top 10 Analytics Leaders in Australia by IAPA.

Aidan Sussman

Aidan Sussman is a Consulting Actuary and FIAA in the Data Analytics and Life Insurance. He is a passionate actuary who enjoys socialising with people from range of backgrounds and practice areas. Aidan has a keen interest in data science and programming and is formalising his study with a post graduate qualification in computing.


Dan Wang

Dan is the Actuarial Manager at Dataly Actuarial & Data Consulting. Dan has over ten years of experience in Life Insurance valuations and Regulatory Capital management works. He focuses on applying data science and machine learning techniques to develop insights from the valuation and capital results.

Lin Xu

Lin Xu

Lin is an experienced fixed income buy-side analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in FX, interest rate and inflation risk hedging, as well as credit analysis. I have a well-developed understanding of macroeconomics and the Australian fixed income market (in particular the government bond and semi-government bond market including the inflation-linked ones too). I am proficient at using Python/Excel for data analytics.

Meg (Bijun) Yang

Meg is the Pricing Lead in Motor Insurance at Allianz Australia. She uses machine learning techniques in her daily work to estimate claim cost for various commercial insurance products and help enhance pricing algorithms for the business. Meg also has experience in retirement benefit consulting and data analytics in Superannuation previously. She was the convenor of the Young Actuaries Program in Melbourne for 2018 and is one of the few YDAWG members based in Melbourne 

Zeming Yu

Zeming is a seasoned actuary and data science leader with over 18 years of experience spanning across Australia, New Zealand and China. Currently as a Director of Data Science at LexisNexis Risk Solutions, he leads a team of actuaries and data scientists to provide data analytics solutions for the $180 billion Chinese motor insurance industry, covering a wide range of products including New Energy Vehicle (NEV) Score, Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) Score, Vehicle Risk Score, Driver Risk Score and Telematics. Previously Zeming held data science and actuarial roles at Munich Re, Cover More Travel Insurance and IAG. Zeming Yu has a keen interest to leverage his actuarial and data science background and his global perspective to drive strategic decision-making and innovation in insurance.
Phani Krishna Kandala
Phani Kandala

(Re)Insurance professional worked in an amalgam of underwriting, Actuarial and Data Analytics fields of insurance and Reinsurance from the past 12 years. By Background, An Actuary and a Masters in Maths and another in Computer Science. Loves to play Cricket and Badminton. Currently working as a Casualty Underwriter in Swiss Re Asia Pte Ltd, Australia Branch from the past 4 years.
Tong Zhang
Tong Zhang

Tong is a Senior Actuarial Analyst (Superannuation and Investment Consulting) at PwC Australia.
Minh Phan
Minh Phan

Minh is an Actuary, Content Creator and LLM Enthusiast working at Finity Consulting.
Liam Querido

Liam Querido

As a Quantitative Analyst, Liam primarily provides forward-looking portfolio modelling, scenario analysis and retirement modelling for strategic asset allocation guidance.

Liam holds a Bachelor of Actuarial Science with Honours from Bond University, where he received the Vice Chancellor's Award for Academic Excellence. He is currently pursuing his Part 2 exams with the Institute of Actuaries of Australia. Liam draws satisfaction in knowing that his work at JANA enables him to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Justin McGee Odger
Justin McGee Odger

Justin is the Principal Data Scientist at Strata Community Insurance, where he relies on over a decade of experience delivering data transformations across a range of industries. He is an award-winning innovator with multiple accolades including The Big Issue’s The Big Idea, Deloitte’s Gravity Challenge, and LinkedIn’s Top Artificial Intelligence Voice. His passion lies at the intersection of established actuarial techniques and contemporary data analytics applications.

Shelley Agrawal
Shelley Agrawal

Shelley is a Consultant within EY’s Actuarial Services team, with a focus on the health and human services sector. She is passionate about using data to generate valuable insights for businesses and is keen to learn more in the data science field.

Kelly Chu
Kelly Chu

Kelly is an Actuarial Analyst at Finity Consulting.
Danng Lim
Danny Lim

Danny is a Consultant at Taylor Fry.
Clare hughes 01
Clare Hughes (Institute Liaison)