The 2021 Future of Health Seminar will be held virtually for the first time. This more accessible event means a lower cost and requires minimal time out of the virtual office, with sessions and virtual networking scheduled across two afternoons on 23 and 24 March 2021.

The theme ‘the next normal’ encompasses the current and emerging challenges facing the private and public health industries. This is a critical time and with on-going disruptions, actuaries must be ahead of the curve to help create a sustainable future. Both private and public health need to come together on solutions to face this challenges head on. The seminar will expand on these issues by taking a deep dive into;

  • Mental Health, Private Health, Public Problem?
  • PHI – Steps towards Sustainability: Risk Equalisation Reform and the Dutch Cure
  • Better data, better health?
  • Designing a healthier health industry

Our virtual networking portion will allow you to discuss the plenary sessions and mingle with your fellow health professionals. Our organising committee is working hard to ensure you enjoy our program and networking components to help you grow in your actuarial career.