Organising Committee

Ash_Evans_Chair Ash Evans (Convenor)

Ash is an actuary and analytics professional with 18 years of experience in guiding evidence-based decisions for injury and disability schemes and the health sector. His blend of actuarial, analytical, and health knowledge has helped injury schemes successfully navigate the rising prevalence of psychological injuries. In his spare time, he hangs out with his daughters.   

David Gregory
David Gregory 
Senior Manager Portfolio Performance, Personal Injury Division, Allianz

David has been in the Personal Injury Portfolio Performance team since joining Allianz in late 2014. He has been the actuarial manager for the Underwritten business, but now focuses on the Managed Fund and Long Tail claims operations. Prior to joining Allianz, David was an actuarial consultant at Finity Consulting.   


Dr Petrina Casey
Executive Director, Motor Accidents Insurance Regulation  

Dr Casey is currently the Executive Director at SIRA responsible for scheme design and regulation of the motor accident insurance scheme and delivery of value-based healthcare program and health provider regulation in the NSW personal injury schemes.  

Since joining SIRA in 2015, Petrina has led teams across the three insurance schemes: workers compensation, home building, motor accidents and led the development of a value-based healthcare framework in personal injury schemes. Dr Casey holds a Master of Public Health and a Doctor of Philosophy from Sydney University Faculty of Medicine. Her research focused on the intersection between health, legal, and claims outcomes in Australia's personal injury compensation policy.  


Gavin Moore

Gavin is a Director with PwC and has over 18 years of experience in general insurance, specialising in accident compensation. He has advised on issues relating to reserving, pricing, portfolio monitoring, capital management and benefit design. Gavin is passionate about working on societally relevant issues and developing the people he works with.  


Neil Singleton

Neil Singleton has extensive insurance experience across a broad range of management and executive positions in insurance, corporate and regulatory roles. Neil has been the Insurance Commissioner with the Motor Accident Insurance Commission for the past ten years.   


Raj Kanhai

Raj is an experienced senior insurance manager and lawyer who specialises in insurance regulation, claims strategy and operations. He has worked in senior operational management roles in the general and life insurance industry for over 20 years. He is a Principal and management consultant at Finity while also leading the CTP practice.  

Vivian Tse

Vivian Tse

Vivian is a Partner at EY and has 20 years of experience in general insurance and injury schemes. During that time, Vivian has been heavily involved in scheme reviews and change processes in multiple jurisdictions, covering regulatory considerations, premium system design as well as the claims side. She is passionate about initiatives and opportunities that improve outcomes for injured people and the community.    

Ben Edwardsb

Ben Edwards

Ben has worked within the injury and disability industry for almost 20 years, first as part of PwC’s actuarial team and over the past 10 years as part of Quantium, where he leads Quantium’s personal injury capability. Ben was a member of the organising committee for the both the 2019 and 2021 Injury and Disability Scheme Seminars.   

Untitled-2 Zoe Carlyon
Events Manager, Actuaries Institute
Bryana Bryana Edwards
Senior Events Coordinator, Actuaries Institute