Part III

Part III consists of four modules. Students must successfully complete one course from each Module:

C10 Commercial Actuarial Practice Details C6B Global Retirement Income Systems Details C5B Investment Management and Finance Details C3B General Insurance Details C2B Life Insurance Details C6A Global Retirement Income Systems Details C5A Investment Management and Finance Details C3A General Insurance Details C2A Life Insurance Details SA Health Fellowship Principles Exam Details UK ST1 Health and Care Exam Details Chartered Financial Analyst Charter Holder Details Accountancy Details PhD Details C7A Enterprise Risk Management

There are eight options available for Module 1:

  • Course 7A - Enterprise Risk Management;
  • any Part A (Module 2) or Part B (Module 3) course;
  • a PhD in a relevant area;
  • accountancy qualifications recognised by CPA Australia or the Institute of Chartered Accounts (or overseas equivalents);
  • Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) Charter Holder qualifications;
  • the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries’ ST1 Health and Care Examination and the Actuaries Institute's online Private Health Insurance course;
  • the Actuarial Society of South Africa's F101 Health Fellowship Principles Examination and the Actuaries Institute's online Private Health Insurance course; or
  • Course 1 Investments.

In Module 2 and Module 3, students choose to complete their study in one specialist area of practice:

  • life insurance;
  • general insurance;
  • global retirement income systems; or
  • investment management and finance.

In Module 4, Course 10 - Commercial Actuarial Practice is compulsory and comprises a four-day residential course and an eight-hour computer-based assessment.

Part III Orientation

The Part III orientation session for Semester 2, 2018 was held at the Actuaries Institute office on Thursday 05 July 2018.

The orientation session is an opportunity for students to gain an overview of the semester and understand how the Part III education program is delivered and assessed as well as meet other students completing their Part III studies.

Once enrolled for a course students can register their attendance through the Learning Management System.

Please find below an video and audio recording of the Semester 2 2018 Orientation session. Further details on the information presented can be accessed in the presentation slides.

Access audio recording

Access video recording

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