Mentoring Program

The Institute's Mentoring Program links mentors and mentees and provides advice, training and networking opportunities to help deliver maximum benefit for both parties.

Intake for the  2017 Mentoring Program is now closed. Please check this page regularly for updates


A number of resources are available to support participants during the program.


Orientation Sessions and Mentor Skills Workshops

The Orientation session is designed to provide mentees with information, guidance and clarity about the roles, responsibilities and expectations of mentors and mentees. The presentation provides an overview of the program, description of eligibility, application and matching process, the level of commitment expected (time, energy and flexibility), expectations and restrictions (accountability), benefits, rewards and CPD.

The workshop is intended to better equip mentors for their role and will provide a sound understanding of the nature of a mentoring relationship. This including roles and responsibilities, the mentoring process, skills and protocols and sources of support and information.

If you are a mentor embarking on a new mentoring relationship, it can be helpful to start thinking about some of the following questions to help your mentee get the most out of your relationship:

  • what kinds of soft skills does your mentee want to develop?
  • is your mentee driving their development, or are you, the mentor, setting the agenda?
  • what is the focus of your sessions?
  • what is the overall goal of the relationship?
  • how will your relationship challenge your mentee?

Tips for Mentors is an audio file of an illustrative mentor and mentee catch-up with highlights for mentors:

  • The importance of listening, exploring and understanding before jumping to solution mode.
  • Judging when to transition from exploring to guiding or directing.
  • Using techniques such as tapping in to the mentee's prior experience and using rehearsals to help mentees prepare for challenging conversations.
  • Recapping on the agreed action items, testing detail and timeframes where required.
  • Offering interim assistance if it might be required.

Additional Resources

Entering a Mentoring Relationship

Professional Conduct

It is possible that during your wide-ranging conversations that professional issues may arise, either with regards to conflicts of interest, confidentiality or broader questions of conduct. Please re-read the Actuaries Institute Code of Professional Conduct so that you are well-equipped to deal with any potential issues.

Mentoring Agreement

Once you start your mentoring relationship, both the mentee and mentor need to complete a Mentoring Agreement online or sign a Mentoring Agreement and forward a copy of the agreement to

Engagement Record

The Engagement Record has been designed to provide a simple record of the progress of the mentoring relationship and helps identify any areas for concern. Participants are not required to submit their engagement records to the Institute.

Need more info?

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