Synopses lists are subject to change. The final list of concurrent sessions will be subject to a successful peer review process.

General Insurance

  • Benjamin Avanzi, Luke C. Cassar, Bernard Wong - Modelling Dependence in Insurance Claims Processes with Lévy Copulas
  • Dimitri Semenovich and Ian Heppell - An optimisation perspective on clustering with applications to premium rating
  • Elaine Collins and Angela Tong - An Economic Model to Evaluate Extreme Events for Lenders’ Mortgage Insurers
  • Anthony Asher, Catherine Dube and Ignatius Li - A Comparison of Worker’s Compensation with other Insurance Schemes  
  • Daniel Smith and Donna Walker - The involvement of actuaries in General Insurance – Past, Present and Future

Health Insurance

  • Bridget Browne and Romain Bridet - Long Term Care: What can we Learn from the International Experience?
  • Jonathan Cohen, Linda Satchwell, Adrian Gould and Win-Li Toh - Does it Hurt when I do This? The Likely Cost of Catastrophic Medical Injuries Under a National Disability Insurance Scheme
  • Peter Carroll - When too Much is Not Enough: Capital in a Mutual Health Fund
  • Adam Jupp and Raewin Davies - Health Financial Condition Reports – The First 5 Years
  • Andrew GaleGrowing Pains: Measuring Selection Effects in Private Health Insurance
  • Health Practice Committee (Andrew Gale, Ben Ooi & David Watson) - Contemporary Issues in Private Health Insurance
  • Karl Niemann - What is the ‘Appropriate’ Price for a Community Rated Product? A Case Study of Private Health Insurance in Australia
  • Stuart Rodger - Seven Up: The Appointed Actuary in Australian Health Insurance 7 years on - Long Term Care: What can we Learn from the International Experience?
  • Jamie Reid, Sonia Tripolitano and Ashish Ahluwalia - Risk Equalisation 2020 – Is the current system sustainable?


  • Jon Tindall - Securitise This – SPV’s Post GFC
  • John Nicholls, Duncan Rawlinson and Ismar TuzovicApproaches to Setting Capital for Investment Guarantees
  • Anthony Street - A House or a Home? Finding Value in Australian Residential Property
  • Greg Liddell, Alistair Barker, Michael O’Neill and Geoff WarrenPanel Discussion - Beyond the Benchmark: Perspectives on Adding Value to the Investment Process
  • Shauna Ferris - Unlocking the Equity in Your Home: Just how Risky is it?

Life Insurance

  • Joshua Corrigan - Feasibility of Inflation Guaranteed Products
  • Peter Larsen and Mike Callan - Global Developments in the Modelling and Application of Risk for Life Companies
  • Hoa Bui and Briallen Cummings - FSC – KPMG Experience Analyses Update – Lump Sum Risk and Disability Income
  • Carolyn N. Njenga and Michael Sherris - Modelling Mortality with a Bayesian Vector Autoregression
  • Chao Qiao and Michael Sherris - Managing Systematic Mortality Risk with Group Pooling and Annuitization Schemes
  • Joshua Corrigan and Charles Qin - Replicating Portfolios & Risk Management – An Australian Perspective
  • Shu Su and Michael Sherris - Heterogeneity of Australian Population Mortality and Implications for a Viable Life Annuity Market
  • Wendy Yip and Mark Young - Comparison of Basel III regulatory regimes between UK, Australia and Canada
  • Andrew Linfoot - Discussion of Issues Arising in Singapore Insured Lives' Experience Study

Risk Management

  • Jenny Dean & Saffron Sweeney and Aon Hewitt - Beyond Financial Institutions: How well do Actuaries Understand Company’s Risk Concerns?
  • Paul Linderberg and Adrian Johnstone - Actuaries and Non-Financial Business Risks: Operational, Project and Strategic Risk
  • Risk Margins Task ForceRisk Margins: An Education Session


  • Brendan Price and Albert Suryadi - New Treasury Stochastic Modelling of Australian Retirement Incomes
  • Tim Higgins and Steven Roberts - Savings and Dissaving Behaviour During Retirement: Risk Preferences, and Demographic and Economic Drivers – Preliminary Findings from a Survey of Elderly Australians
  • Ralph Stevens - Sustainable Full Retirement Age Policies in an Aging Society: The Impact of Uncertain Longevity Increases on Retirement Age, Remaining Life Expectancy at Retirement, and Pension Liabilities
  • Sean McGing - Reducing Retirement Income Costs
  • Jules Gribble and Cary Helenius - Managing Liquidity in Superannuation
  • Risk Management and Financial Condition Report Taskforce - FCRs in Super - What is the Customer Value Proposition?

Additional Topics

  • Adam DriussiUsing Data and Analytics to Drive Strategy Outside of Traditional Fields
  • Alan Greenfield - Towards a Carbon Neutral Actuarial Profession
  • Eric Ranson - Shaking Down Financial Services Regulation
  • Geoff DunsfordEvaluation of Public Policy Initiatives
  • Jules Gribble - Essence of Actuary: Skills + Practices + Capabilities = Value
  • Shauna Ferris - Strategic Disinformation: How well does it work?  
  • Anthony Vial - The Man Who Ate Himself - Why Overpopulation and over use of Resources will Lead to Humanity’s Demise.
  • Timothy Kyng - Valuing ESOs using the Exercise Multiple Approach and Binary P-options
  • Panel DiscussionEnergy Pricing and Sustainability
  • Jenny Lyon - Women on Boards and in Senior Management
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