Students are able to sit Part III examinations for Module 1 - 4 which are offered through
  • the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, UK (SP 9 and SP 1 examinations for Module 1); and
  • the Actuaries Institute (Module 2 – 4 examinations).

Students can enrol for the Part III subjects during enrolment period online here. 

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All enrolments are acknowledged by email. Students who do not receive confirmation of enrolment are advised to contact the Education Team

Students wishing to undertake the UK SP9 Examination as part of Course 7A - Enterprise Risk Management or UK SP1 Health and Care Examination for Module 1 must not apply directly to the UK Institute and Faculty of Actuaries for examination entry. Applications made directly to the UK Institute and Faculty of Actuaries will not be accepted.

Enrolments must be received by the closing date and late enrolments or amendments will not be accepted. Enrolment fees vary. Check the course details for more information. Enrolments without a valid payment will not be processed.

Course Materials

SP1 and SP9 course materials are available from ActEd (UK).

Course materials for all other Module 1, Module 2, Module 3 and Module 4 subjects are available for order at the time of enrolment or by contacting the Education Team, however digital versions of course materials for those Modules are available free in the Institute's Learning Management System.

Course materials are not included in enrolment fees. Postage or courier costs will be charged to cover the delivery of course material to students and are specified on the online enrolment form.

Part III course materials contain a course guide, prescribed readings and may include a list of recommended background reading. The Actuaries Institute does not supply background reading. It is recommended that students thoroughly understand all items in the prescribed reading list and keep up-to-date with economic developments in Australia by regularly reading the financial press.

The Actuaries Institute accepts no responsibility for information or opinions expressed in the course notes or professional papers recommended.