Tax Working Group

The Tax Working Group (TWG) has been established to formulate a response to the Federal Government's 2015 Tax White Paper. The TWG proposes to focus on issues related to the impact of ageing and longevity, such as:
  • the tax treatment of savings and investment vehicles including:
    • the level, sustainability and equity of superannuation tax concessions;
    • the cost and equity of the means tests;
    •  the impact on future age pension costs;
    • the minimum drawdown rules; 
    • preservation; and
    • home equity release products.
  • the funding of health and aged care (including the tax treatment of private health insurance).    

The TWG welcomes suggestions from interested members about any additional topics that could be considered for inclusion in the Institute’s response.

If you have produced a relevant paper or know of any other interesting material that can be included in the related materials listing, or would like to send through some thoughts regarding the Institute’s response, please contact John McLenaghan.