Resource Library

  • Insurance for Low-Income Australians: Taking Innovative Action
    Dominic Collins, Good Shepherd Microfinance
  • Explores the issues hampering insurance uptake by low-income Australians, including affordability, understanding, enduring misconceptions and disengagement. Published by Good Shepherd Microfinance.
  • Learning from the Early Success of India's Health Insurance for the Poor, RSBY
    Victoria Fan
  • Describes how India’s Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY, translated as “National Health Insurance Programme”) and outlines the program’s early successes and opportunities for future progress. Published by Centre for Global Development.
  • Many Faces of Saving: The Social Dimensions of Saver Plus
    Eve Bodsworth
  • Outlines findings and recommendations from the Saver Plus program, which was developed by ANZ and the Brotherhood of St Laurence. Published by Brotherhood of St Laurence.
  • Microfinance - An Emerging Investment Opportunity
    Raimar Dieckmann
  • Introduces microfinance as "Socially responsible investment" and explores the transformation of the industry from a traditional donor-driven NGO-dominated framework towards a greater degree of capital market involvement. Published by Deutsche Bank Research.
  • Microfinance and Child Labour
    Jonas Blume and Julika Bryer
  • Explores the potential and limitations of microfinance as a programming tool, product design and delivery to increase the social impact of programmes and raises an important warning about the circumstances in which microfinance institutions could be stimulating a demand for child labour. Published by the International Labour Organisation.
  • Microfinance: Development as Freedom
    Anuja Cabraal, Roslyn Russell and Supriya Singh
  • Discusses a range of microfinance initiatives in Australia through the lens of Amartya Sen’s “development as freedom” (1999) framework and the work of Michael Sherraden (1991) on asset-building policies. Presented to the Financial Literacy, Banking and Identity Conference 2006.
  • Microfinance: Financial Services For The Poor
    Siddharth Parameswaran and Nicholas Raper
  • Explains what microfinance is, explores some of the important (and unique) issues facing microfinance institutions and highlights areas where actuarial skills may be used. Presented to 2003 Biennial Convention.
  • Microinsurance Pricing Under the Microscope
  • Microinsurance that Works for Women: Making Gender-Sensitive Microinsurance Programs
    International Labour Organisation
  • Focuses on a gendered approach to microinsurance and explores how health and life microinsurance could be designed more effectively for women's needs, and offers practical advice to insurance companies for delivering such schemes.
  • Money Matters in Times of Change – Financial Vulnerability Through the Life Course
    Zuleika Arashiro
  • Identifies some of the needs that financially vulnerable people in Australia are facing and the level of financial exclusion, such as lack of accumulated assets, poor access to fair and adequate mainstream credit, and difficulties in accessing financial information. Published by Brotherhood of St Laurence.

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