“40% of actuaries expect to undertake a non-traditional role during their career.”
- Institute Survey

What does an actuary do?

Many actuaries use their skills in analysis and problem solving in the traditional areas of insurance, superannuation and investment, while others work in consulting firms, delivering actuarial and other services to big organisations.

Skills in data analysis and management, in risk management and data-based decision making are vital in many growth sectors including technology, business management, finance, banking and management consulting and many actuaries now also build careers in enterprise risk management, data analytics, energy markets, health and disability and general business management.

Everyday actuaries take on important challenges. Recently we gave some actuaries another challenge – explaining what they do.

From traditional to wider fields, watch as several of our members talk about their breadth of expertise, the valuable contribution they make to businesses around Australia and how in their capacity as an actuary they have made a positive difference.


Mitch Prevett


Hoa Bui


Siddharth Paramasewaran


Sophie Dyson and Kirstin Armstrong


Anton Kapel


Rade Muslin


Martin Stevenson

Keynote and Plenary Speakers