The impact of COVID-19 on society has been profound - and there is much more to come as the economic impact works its way though the community and government support falls away.

Some of the impact on people is obvious - for example, illness and sometime death, loss of employment, and restrictions on movement.

Some are less apparent - for example, relationship breakdowns, increases in domestic violence, increases in mental health concerns.

For actuaries, this may manifest itself in a professional sense in various ways, including in the well-being of colleagues.  Changes in work practices have already been necessary but will continue for many for quite some time, and this too may be cause for concern.

The implications for financial services of these influences on health and well-being may be profound.  For life insurance in Australia, the mortality impact so far has been small, but disability insurance is likely to see a significant spike in claims.  In banking, personal circumstances and well-being of borrowers may contribute to difficulties in servicing debt or in getting a loan.

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