The Big Picture

In this section of the Pandemic Resource Centre, we want to provide the context for much of the other content, so that the many matters addressed in other papers and commentary are considered with a wider perspective. 

We also want to provide an access point for technical matters that traverse industries/business lines and practice areas - life insurance, general insurance, health insurance, superannuation and more.

The implications of COVID-19 are profound – both socially and economically.  Financial services institutions of all types have been impacted by both aspects – some quite deeply. The impact may vary by business line and perhaps according to strategy (e.g. distribution), but in most cases there is profound uncertainty as to the future, both short and long term.

This affects everyone: from the Board down through management to the most junior of staff.

Actuaries play a critical role in helping businesses respond – not just by dealing with practical technical matters, but in providing the best possible advice and support to senior management and the Board, as they consider issues and problems and make decisions to best respond.

Such advice should be provided in the context of the bigger picture.  

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