Concurrent Sessions


Annuities: Future Market Potential and Consequences for Reporting under new IFRS 4 Phase II
Martin Lam, Cornelis Slagmolen

Effects on Superannuation of Broken Service and Part-time Work and Possible Solutions
Saffron Sweeneychun

Good Practice Principles for Retirement Modelling
Jim Hennington, Glenn Langton

Unlocking Housing Wealth - Options to Meet Retirement Needs
Actuaries Institute Housing Working Group

A Different Approach to Meeting Changing Needs in Retirement
David Rush, Martin Paino

Personal Financial Planning Calculators: Communicating Life-Time Consumption Risks
Anthony Asher, Adam Butt, Ujwal Kayande, Gaurav Khemka

The Growth of Australia's Very Elderly Population: Past Estimates and Probabilistic Forecasts
Wilma Terblanche, Tom Wilson

SM Bonds: A Proposal to Manage, Price and Transfer Longevity Risk
Piet de Jong

Superannuation Practice Committee – Recent Developments
Superannuation Practice Committee

The Non-Challenges of an Aging Population
Frank Ashe

Till Death do us Part
Alun Stevens, Nathan Bonarius


A Framework for the Valuation of Non-Market Based Embedded Options in Life Insurance Products
Mathieu Jones, Joshua Corrigan, Stuart Blackhall, Murray Glase, Graham Kelly, Lee Wallace, Wayne Brazel, John Wright Jones III

Actuarial Impacts of Life Insurance Commission Reform

Dale Jackson, Tyson Johnston

Application of Statistical Techniques in Group Insurance
Chit Wai Wong, Jih Ying Tioh, John Low, Keong Chuah

Climate Risk and Australia’s Financial System
Sharanjit Paddam, Kate Mackenzie

Industry Funds - The Next Demutualisations?
Colin Yellowlees

Insurance Regulation Reimagined
Rob Curtis, Julian Braganza

LIWMPC Update on the Australian Life Insurance Industry
David Millar, Ash Bhalerao

Not time to Give Up on Disability Insurance Yet
Mark Raberger, Emily Galer

Rebirth of an Industry – Life Insurance Disrupter
Paul Caputo, Kenneth McIvor

Risk Based Capital - A Practitioner’s Perspective
Richard Cornwell

Shifting Sands in Banking Regulation: Basel 4 and IFRS 9
Sen Nagarajan

Superannuation Fund Trustee Capital Management
Tim Gorst

The Future of Financial Reporting
John Nicholls

The Future of Life Insurance Stress Testing
Thuy Truong, Elizabeth Baker, Meera Sardana

Trauma- What's in a Definition
Bill Monday and Kris Boundy

The Challenges of Pricing Long Term Group Salary Continuance (Impact of Notification Delay on Termination Rates)***
Francis Burgess, Brendon Gerding

Group Insurance Industry Claims Study
Geof McRae, Revsion Tam


Actuary Entrepreneur
Kevin Lin

Citius, Altius, Fortius: How can Actuaries Reinvent Themselves?
Magnolia Aspiras, Kaise Stephan, Marc Mer

Hot Topics in Enterprise Risk Management – in Financial Services and Beyond
Risk Management Practice Committee

The Banking and Finance Oath – Highlighting the Importance of Individual Accountability, Behaviour and Leadership
Clare Payne


All “R’s” and No Action – Rehab, Retraining, Re-skilling, Re-design and Re-pricing
Yan Sun, Andrea McDonnell

Conduct Risk – Lessons from UK
Don Jonstone

Lies, Damned Lies and the 2015 Intergenerational Report
Richard Lyon, Randy Amidharmo

Lifetime Financial Planning - The Cause Way
Hadyn Bernau, Jevon Fulbrook

The Three Pillars of Insurance

Jason Gordon


300 Years of Data Analytics in Life Insurance
Matthew Ralph, Avanti Patki

Data Analytics – Latest Developments and FinTech
Data Analytics Working Group

Determining the Optimal Investment and Consumption Strategy for Australian Retirees
David Schneider

Global Innovation in Life Insurance – Opportunities for Australian Life Insurers
Angat Sandhu, Justin Ward

How Data Analytics and Big Data will make Fitter Life Insurers
Stephen Lee, John Yick, Nicholas Warren

Risk Culture and Risk Maturity
Gergard Diedericks, Ashley Palmer

Greater Expectations - Global Regulatory Convergence, Pressures, and how Insurers in Different Parts of the World are Responding
Richard Weatherill

Strong Risk Culture leads to Effective ICAAP
Martin Lam, Daragh Brady


Actuarial Systems: What Lies Ahead?
Ting Fang Lim, Peter Baker, Magnolia Aspiras,

Managing the Consumer’s Investment Risk
Sean McGing

Keynote and Plenary Speakers

Alisa Camplin Virginia Trioli Bronwyn King Margo Lydon Mike Woods Jon Sedawie Sharanjit Paddam Paul McCrory Chris Vanneste