Young Data Analytics Working Group (YDAWG)


Headshot - Jonathen Shen Grayscale 200x220 Jon Shen

Jon is a Principal Consultant in Suncorp's Data Science & Analytics Division. His role focuses on uplifting analytical capability across the entire organisation: General Insurance, Life Insurance and Banking. He uses cutting edge data science techniques to optimise business processes and enhance customer experience. Through his career he has designed, led and delivered a variety of successful initiatives across pricing, customer analytics, claims operations, automation, mobile app development and innovation. Jon graduated from UNSW with first class honours and the University Medal in Actuarial Studies, and is a Fellow of the Actuaries Institute.
cindy vuong2 Cindy Vuong

Cindy is a Senior Actuarial Analyst at Pacific Life Re in the Research and Development Team. At work, she enjoys using data analytical and machine learning techniques to support projects such as the experience analysis and insurance stress assumption setting process. She is also a member of the institute’s YDAWG.
Zeming Yu Zeming Yu

Zeming is an Actuarial Manager at Cover-More Travel Insurance (now part of Zurich). He is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia with particular interests in predictive modelling, data analytics and blockchain.
Jacky-PoonBW100-110] Jacky Poon

Jacky is Head of Actuarial and Analytics at World Nomads Group, and a member of the Institute’s Young Data Analytics Working Group. He is passionate about the use of data analytics and machine learning techniques to complement the traditional actuarial skillset in insurance.
Henry Ma Henry Ma

Henry is an Actuarial Analyst at Deloitte Consulting with experience in banking, risk management and insurance. He is passionate about solving interesting and complex real-world problems, and has a strong interest in applying financial mathematics theories using analytics tools. Henry holds a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies with a Bachelor of Science (Statistics) from Macquarie University.

Michael Storozhev

Michael is an Actuary with a passion for innovation in the actuarial and general insurance fields. He is the Senior Underwriter for Travel Insurance at Cover-More Travel Insurance where he leverages data science to compliment the traditional Actuary skill set. In a wide range of roles he was involved in pricing, reserving and capital management in a number of short and long tailed lines of business, and enjoys seeing the value that Actuaries bring to the wider business context. Michael is the Convenor of the Young Data Analytics Working Group.
suresh Suresh Murugesan

Suresh is the Head of APAC Pricing Centre of Excellence at Zurich Insurance. He is a qualified actuary with extensive experience across pricing, reserving and portfolio management, both in Australia and the in U.K. He has a keen interest in predictive analytics and machine learning, and is a member of the Young Data Analytics Working Group.

  Aaron Blackwell
  Arjun Sathasivam 
  Charles Lee 
Meg (Bijun) Yang 

Meg is a senior analyst at IAG Customer Labs, commercial line insurance pricing. She uses machine learning techniques in her daily work to estimate claim cost for various commercial insurance products and help enhance pricing algorithms for the business. Meg also has experience in retirement benefit consulting and data analytics in Superannuation previously. She was the convenor of the Young Actuaries Program in Melbourne for 2018 and is one of the few YDAWG members based in Melbourne.

  Jonathan Choi 
  Josh Jaroudy 
  Karandeep Chadha 
  Merrick Wimalasiri 
  Ruby Huang 
  Wan Wah Wong 
  Laura Zhao (Secretary) 

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