Actuaries in Data Analytics

This list consists of Actuaries working in Data Analytics who have recently contributed to the profession's Data Analytics focus.

Members of the Data Analytics Working Group are listed first.

Amanda Aitken Amanda Aitken
Amanda is a Director at Actuarial Edge; specialising in general and health insurance, self-insurance and data analytics. Her background is in workers' compensation, where she used her analytical skills to uncover scheme trends and develop initiatives and strategies to improve scheme outcomes.
Amanda considers herself to be a Data Detective; hunting through data to unearth the best opportunities for her clients. She particularly enjoys putting her actuarial skills to use in new ways. Amanda has been involved in a variety of analytical projects, ranging from forecasting membership profiles of sporting clubs, investigating staff retention rates and building remuneration optimisation models. 
Anthony Christie Anthony Christie
Anthony is an Analyst at Quantium where he works with big data in the retail sector to deliver transformational insights to companies such as Woolworths. At Quantium he is currently gaining practical experience towards Associate membership with the Actuaries Institute. Anthony's Master of Actuarial Studies at The University of New South Wales was preceded by a Bachelor's degree in Pure Mathematics. He has an enduring professional curiosity for applications of machine learning, gaining distinction in an open online course on the subject via Stanford University.
Chris Dolman Chris Dolman
Chris Dolman has wide ranging insurance industry experience, having worked across multiple countries as both an advisor and in industry, in both traditional and non-traditional roles. He is currently GM, Analytics at IAG, helping to drive data driven decision making across all aspects of the organisation.
Uma Joshi Uma Joshi
Uma joined QBE in December 2014 as the Group’s Senior Manager, Risk Analytics with a focus on providing risk analytics, research and robust reporting to support the Group Risk Team in providing a robust second line of defence. This includes leveraging the information and data available to QBE to provide insights on potential risks and opportunities. Prior to this, Uma has worked with J.P. Morgan as Vice President in Equity Research covering Australian Insurance, with Quantium as a Senior Consultant focusing on 'big data' products, and with QBE’s Australian Operations as the Motor Pricing Actuary.
Hugh Miller Hugh Miller
Hugh is an actuary at Taylor Fry, where he has worked since 2006 undertaking work for both Analytics and General Insurance. Over the past few years he has had a particular focus on government social services, including the annual valuation of the New Zealand Welfare system. Hugh is also a keen researcher, completing his PhD in statistics at the University of Melbourne in 2010. Topics of interest include combining approaches from statistics and actuarial science, as well as developing methods for individual level modelling of actuarial problems.
Estelle Pearson Estelle Pearson
Estelle is a general insurance actuary and a Principal Managing Director of Finity Consulting. She specialises in consulting to casualty insurers operating in the Australian and New Zealand markets on a range of topics including reserving, pricing and strategy. Estelle holds a number of regulatory roles and was named Actuary of the Year in 2012.
Mitch Prevett Mitch Prevett
Mitch leads the Product Analytics team at Quantium building advanced analytics into their products across all industries and solutions. In addition, he leads the analytics community at Quantium driving thought leadership and best practice across the company.
Prior to his current role Mitch led the retail business unit working with Woolworths and large FMCG suppliers consulting at a strategic level on pricing and promotions, forecasting, ranging and customer targetting. He also has deep experience in the Insurance industry and was central in the development of new approaches in price optimisation, risk modelling and competitor analysis.
Mitch has a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies with First Class Honours from The Australian National University and is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia.
Colin Priest Colin Priest

Colin is Director, Customer Success, Asia for DataRobot, a machine learning software company. He has worked in Australia and across Asia, applying predictive analytics to such diverse industries as healthcare, insurance, banking, oil and gas, security and retail. Colin teaches the data analytics subject in the Commercial Actuarial Practice course, and is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia.

Alex Rowley Alex Rowley

Alex is a senior manager within EY’s Actuarial Services team, a team where he has had various roles since taking on a graduate position approximately 10 years ago. His focus is on the application of quantitative and numerical skill sets to solve a variety of complex business problems. To achieve this he has used and deployed a wide variety of statistical, analytical and machine learning algorithms to manage risk or improve performance. Alex’s experience has predominantly been in the government and financial services sectors. Within government, this has included areas as diverse as defence, education, health, justice and child protection. Over the last couple of years, he has spent the majority of his time focusing on the justice and health sectors. Alex is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia.


Angat is a Principal based in Oliver Wyman’s Sydney office.  In this role, he works in depth with major banks and insurers in Australia and Asia on complex engagements, helping organisations fine-tune their strategy in response to changing economic, regulatory and competitive dynamics.

Prior to joining Oliver Wyman in 2007, he worked in the Funds Management Group at Macquarie Bank and as a research analyst at Towers Watson.

Angat holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Actuarial Studies and Finance) from the University of New South Wales. He is a holder of the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation, is an Associate of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia, and holds the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) designation.
Ada Tong Ada Tong
Ada is an analytics and data science consultant with 10 years of experience across multiple industries in both Australia and Hong Kong. She is passionate about using data to help businesses make better decisions. She is currently working for Quantium, helping businesses make data-driven decisions with exciting new datasets. She has just returned from a three year stint in Hong Kong where she led the Modelling & Insights team at Asia Miles. Her team analysed customer behavior to drive better customer experiences and business outcomes. She also spent a year working for various Asian fintech startups. In her spare time, she started the Hong Kong Analytics Community,  a networking group for analytics professionals in the city. Ada is excited about the contribution actuaries can make to data analytics and the data science world.
Alan Whitelock-Jones Alan Whitelock-Jones
Further to his Actuarial studies, Alan studied computer science at University as an extra subject. He was interested in computing and programming and it gave him the ammunition to persuade the Dean of the Faculty to let him drop finance from his degree (which he thought boring but he didn’t tell him that).
While working after university he tried to program himself out of having to do anything repetitive, mostly with spreadsheet macros, but also using other programming languages at work. His favourite language being APL for the ability to get the most done with the shortest code. He once programmed a 50 page premium rate book as a single line of code.
He moved into actuarial modelling working for Classic Solutions (later Tillinghast and Towers Watson) developing the MoSes modelling platform and helping clients implement models.
Alan did a machine learning course on Coursera because he was interested in the algorithms. This is only loosely related to data analytics as it was mostly about algorithms to drive cars and read characters, but he was persuaded that data analytics was fun and he already knew more than the average would-be data analyst so would find the transition easy.
He has recently completed all the John Hopkins University’s Data Science Specialisation courses on Coursera while putting his skills to use at work.
Richard Brookes Richard Brookes
Richard is an actuary working for Taylor Fry in the areas of data analytics, insurance pricing and accident compensation. He co-leads Taylor Fry’s analytics practice, providing analytics and statistical advice to Suncorp, Qantas Loyalty, Telstra and the federal Department of Employment. He is the current actuary for the QLD CTP regulator and provides peer review advice to NSW WorkCover.
Aaron Cutter Aaron Cutter
is a Director of Finity, and has over 20 years’ experience working in general insurance. Aaron current leads Finity’s big data analytics practice and is committed to supporting actuaries playing a significant role as the world’s ability to generate, retain and interrogate data explodes. Finity’s analytics and consulting services in this space help organisations better understand their customers and optimise their business strategies and performance.
Adam Driussi Adam Driussi
Adam co-founded Quantium in 2002 where he now employs over 150 staff. Quantium specialise in assisting clients realise value through the combination of data, analytics and software development.
Quantium's major clients include companies such as Woolworths, NAB, FOXTEL, Telstra, eBay, Qantas and most major financial services companies.
David Isaacs
David joined Quantium at its inception and is the Group Executive – Data, Analytics and Innovation. Additionally, he manages Quantium’s Brisbane office.
Joining Quantium from Trowbridge Deloitte, Dave graduated from The Australian National University in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours in Pure Mathematics. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia.
Dave has experience in a wide range of industries and drives our thinking in creating and deploying cutting edge analytics for our clients and data partners.
Rachael McNaughton Rachael McNaughton
Rachel is an Actuarial Analyst with Towers Watson, where she is currently involved in insurance focused Big Data Analytics projects providing advanced analytics and insights to clients in the insurance industry. Rachael specialised in Machine Learning during her Actuarial Studies and Computer Science degree at the Australian National University, and with a great interest in this area, lead to Rachael tutoring the Introduction to Statistical Machine Learning course at ANU, as well as lecturing the Neural Networks unit.

Craig Price Craig Price
Craig is the Executive Manager, Chief Data Office - Advanced Analytics at Suncorp. Craig is an actuary with over 20 years experience in fields such as Insurance Pricing and Personal Injury Analytics. In his current role he leads a team of statisticians, actuaries and data scientists that are applying predictive analytics across a wide range of business problems within Suncorp.
Dimitri Semenovich Dimitri Semenovich
Dimitri is a Technical Director of Analytics at IAG. He has a particular interest in the advancement of practical actuarial methodology and its realignment with modern advances in optimisation and machine learning. His other interests are in market design and risk theory. Dimitri has a PhD in Computer Science. 

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